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Inflate the tires, check the brakes, adjust the heigh of the handlebar and get on your bike, the Boyfriend and I, we are taking you on a ride in Boulogne.

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In Boulogne like in Paris, you can find hidden gems that I absolutely love to discover. Sometimes I wait till someone open the gate so I could sneak in but it worth the wait when you see this!

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Cycling like that makes us hungry so it’s time to stop to have lunch!

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It’s time to ride home!

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Here we are : home sweet home!


I’m sorry, you might find this post strange but I wrote kind of a poem in French and I just didn’t know how to translate it in English… If you understand French a bit, go have a look at the French version. ;)

P.S. You can see my lookbook made for Kent Street Apparel on their blog here and pictures of a future post. :)


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