Red Bull soap box race 2014

blogDSCF8374This blog post is very different from the others but some change can is good. I’m gonna talk to you about the Red Bull soap box race 2014 I went to yesterday.

I’ve been wanting to go to this crazy event organized by Red Bull at the domaine national de Saint Cloud for quite some time.blogDSCF8434 blogDSCF8431 blogDSCF8371The event is a fun race with handmade cars without engines and driven by dressed up amateur drivers. You see them hurtling down a 500m hill with a difference in height up to 12%.  blogDSCF8417The winners are the ones who were the faster and the most creatives. Laughs and good mood guaranteed  !blogDSCF8373 blogDSCF8378 blogDSCF8383 blogDSCF8385 blogDSCF8386 blogDSCF8389 blogDSCF8390 blogDSCF8391 blogDSCF8395 blogDSCF8396 blogDSCF8399 blogDSCF8402 blogDSCF8415

It really was amazing, we saw a lot of carts that made me laugh and the atmosphere was very friendly. I had the impression of being a child again, watching Wacky Races on Cartoon Network !  Here is a video to give you a better idea.  blogDSCF8394

Of course it didn’t prevent me from strolling in the park which is really nice, especially with this weather. blogDSCF8420 blogDSCF8423 blogDSCF8425 blogDSCF8429 blogDSCF8432 blogDSCF8435 blogDSCF8419Fun event, isn’t it ?


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