Back to school (contest over)


Tadam welcome to the new design of Les flâneries d’Aurélie !!!

When I opened this blog more than 1 year ago, I was quite proud of the design even if it had a lot of imperfections because, even though I didn’t know anything about IT, I managed to do something decent (RIP to my poor hair that I pulled out for 2 weeks).

however, over the last few months I couldn’t bear it anymore, I was focusing too much on its defects and I wanted a blog more harmonious and easier to navigate. I hope the targets were met and that you’ll like this new design as much as I do. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think about it in the comments and to mention if there’s something that is not working properly. A big thank you to Juliette Lebreton who did a fantastic job! If you’re looking to change the design of your blog, you can count on her. ;)

To celebrate this great change I’m offering you today a contest. It’s true that I don’t organize a lot of contests on the blog. Maybe I’m wrong but personally I’m annoyed when there are too many contests proposed on a blog. I know that contests help increase the visibility of a blog but for now I don’t want to give priority to popularity at the expense of the editorial line.

In a few words, I’m very (too) selective about the contests I accept to publish here, I only choose the ones corresponding to the blog universe. I hope that reading this you won’t think that I’m an hypocrite who pretends not to care about popularity.  :)

Anyway, I’m very happy today to propose to you this contest because i couldn’t find one that’s more appropriate to this blog. You know how much I love Paris and my growing love for vintage so if you mix the 2 you get this wonderful vintage Paris map reproduction!

I love it so much, it looks perfect in our appartement and it is from the wonderful Le Petit Florilège e-shop. I’ve been following for while now Le Petit Florilège on IG and do you know what, I pinned this poster in my interior wish list board on Pinterest almost 1 year ago !

Today Le Petit Florilège is offering to one of you this beautiful vintage spirit Paris map ( 50X70 cm).bblogDSC_0590 blogDSC_0610 blogDSC_0677 blogDSC_0676 blogDSC_0615 blogDSC_0619 blogDSC_0612

Its vintage spirit made me want to play like I’m in school in the olden times. I must say that I had a lot of fun…please don’t be scared. :pblogDSC_0625 blogDSC_0682

Jimmy Fairly glassesblogDSC_0590 blogDSC_0675 blogDSC_0683

Bleu de chauffe satchel

blogDSC_0640 blogDSC_0652

To participate :

And don’t hesitate to share the contest in social medias if you feel like it. :)

The contest ends at midnight on Friday 12 of February  – Results by random draw the next day.


Good luck kids !

And the winner is… Allison ! Congratulations to you and thanks to all of you who participated. Don’t worry other suprises are waiting for you… :)


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