Bali #4 : Tabanan


After a 2 month break without publishing anything on the blog I am back for new strollings!
First, let me present you my best wishes (in France you can present your best wishes for the new year till the end of January). May this new year bring you happiness, travels and health for you and your loved ones!
I don’t know about you but even if we’re “only” in January, I’m already sick of the winter so, while we’re waiting for Spring, come with me to Bali for a 4th and last sunny blog post.
I will tell you more about the Como Shambhala Estate, the most beautiful hotel where we’ve ever stayed in our entire life and then I will take you to the Tabanan region located in the West of the island where we ended our perfect trip.

Como Shambhala Estate :

Let’s watch the vlog first.

It’s very hard for me to find the right words to describe what the Como Shambhala Estate really is because it has nothing to do with a simple resort. It would be more accurate to describe it as a luxury retreat lost in the middle of the Balinese jungle.


Welcome necklace

The Como Shambhala Estate is a huge domain situated on the side of a hill located in the village of Begawan, a 15 min drive from the center of Ubud.

It consists of residencies made of several villas and suites that share a common space and an infinity pool which seems to fall directly into the jungle, but also private pensions. They all are decorated with authentic and antique objects. It’s luxury but not pretentious so you quickly feel at home despite how crazy beautiful this place is. I won’t lie to you, I still kept saying “oh” and “ah” of amazement every 5 minutes.

shambhala1 shambhala4 shambhala5 shambhala9 shambhala shamb

The domain is so big that it’s very rare to meet other residents, even if the resort is full, you feel like you’e the only one in the world. On top of that the food is delicious and healthy both at Glow and at Kudus House, the 2 restaurants of the hotel. Why would you want to go out the resort to visit around (even if you’re on the other side of the world) when you’re in such a unique place. Ok, I’m trying to justify why we saw so little of Ubud, even if we stayed 4 nights there but how could it be different when you stay at the Como Uma Ubud that I’ve talked to you about here or at the Como Shambhala Estate? Who could blame us?

food2 food

The crown jewel of the estate is the spring pool accessible by a 300 steps stair in the middle of the jungle. Sure, you have to deserve it but it’s so worth it, especially when there is nobody else. The Boyfriend almost cried when we got here for the first time!


Aigle shoes

springpool1 springpool2 shambhala3 springpool3 18485768_1880755162136586_1529617480520045160_n springpool4 shambhala2

We will never forget Como Shambhala Estate, it’s probably the most beautiful hotel in Bali and probably the best hotel of our life! Thank you so much Como Hotels for letting us experience this timeless moment, we’re so grateful!


Before leaving Ubud, we went shopping and of course we bought some Balinese bracelets. :)

Tabanan :

Let’s watch the vlog first.

Thank’s to the Boyfriend’s family, we were extremely fortunate to spend our last days in Bali in a dream house: Villa Zolima located in the Tabanan region. It was huge and we had the place to ourselves!  Can you imagine a 400m2 property with a 26 000 m2 field with a stunning view on the rice fields, an infinity pool and a caring staff just for us two!!! Just so you know, you can rent the house if you want to. You can find more infos here.


the view from the villa

zolimazolima5 zolima4 zolima3 zolima2 tabanan aigle zolima6

Villa Zolima 

We rented a scooter to visit the area for only 8€ for 2 days! It’s definitely the best option to travel, especially when you’re in the middle of the rice fields. We had so much fun even if we fell on the stony road leading to the villa and even if the dogs are less friendly in the evening.

scooter2 scooter

We drove to Batukaru Temple, one of the 6 main sanctuaries of the island but it’s still surprisingly preserved from the hordes of tourists. It’s quiet, full of spirituality and nature has reclaimed its rights.  The only bad thing is that a lot of places are closed to the public so we were frustrated we couldn’t see more.

batukaru-temple1 batukaru-temple2 batukaru-temple3 batukaru-temple5 batukaru-temple4

Second stop: Jatiluwih rice fields, a must see for an amazing panorama! We strolled a lot in the middle of the rice fields and it was really beautiful and fun.

jatiluwih jatiluwih4 jatiluwih3 jatiluwih2

Finally I can only recommend you to go walk on Balian Beach which is only a 10 min ride from Villa Zolima (just for walking because it’s so windy that it’s too dangerous to swim). We fell in love with this wild black sandy beach and apart from a few bold surfers, it was just us.

balian-beach balian3 balian4 balian5 balian2 sunset

It’s time to close this Balinese chapter worthy of a honeymoon (by the way if you travel in Bali as a couple, be ready to hear all the time “honeymoon?”) with this picture that sums up perfectly this trip: I don’t think I’ve ever been as happy as during these 2 weeks in Bali!!!



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