No I’m not taking you to Las Vegas, I didn’t fly to the US for the weekend. :) Bellagio is not only a casino, it’s also a little town in Italy on Lake Como. Sorry for those of you who were expecting a bling-bling post, it is actually quite the opposite. ;)

Como is very close to Milan. I already had several opportunities to visit it but I didn’t know Bellagio. On this beautiful sunny day, we decided to hit the road to go discover it. It took us a long time to get there because of work on the road but the wonderful landscape helped during the wait.


We thought we had arrived when we realized that our GPS was stupid because Bellagio was on the other side of the lake…no problem, we boarded with the car on the ferry and it was after all even more fun!

blogDSCF7072 blogDSCF7069

As soon as we arrived, I knew immediately I would love this place when I saw all these beautiful old cars parked along the lake and I also spotted an adorable Fiat 500 despite its camouflage attempts.

blogDSCF7087 blogDSCF7105 blogDSCF7079

So what did we do in Bellagio? Nothing much actually except strolling along the lake and in the small streets which climb up. It is time to open your eyes and admire the landscape (and play the photographer for tourists), to have a nice gelato, to breathe the sweet scent of flowers and fully enjoy the dolce vita. It’s so good to do nothing!

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If you like lakes, go stroll in the Lake Orta area, it’s quite lovely.


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