Brunch at Claus’

blogDSCF4667This weekend in the middle of assembling furnitures and rides to Ikea we granted ourselves a break at Claus.

On Sunday we met with Jasmine at the breakfast temple : Claus. On the ground floor there is a grocery store dedicated to breakfast products such as marmelades, spreads,  muesli, tea… and the best of the best : homemade pastries impossible not to drool over them !blogDSCF4657 blogDSCF4658 blogDSCF4683 blogDSCF4664 blogDSCF4661 blogDSCF4665No need to tell you that I’m so in love with the decoration simple and uncluttered with a beautiful geometric floor.blogDSCF4659 blogDSCF4652

Upstairs there is a cosy tea room. However the room is quite small so you should make a reservation if you want to have a nice brunch. blogDSCF4650 blogDSCF4670

There are several brunch menus from 13€ to 25€ with good bio and healthy products. I let myself be tempted by the Claus menu (18€) : a hot drink (tea, coffee, infusion), a fresh fruit juice, a bread-basket with butter and organic marmelades, a soft-boiled egg and some muesli. Usually I’m hardly stuffed after a brunch but this one was perfect and the muesli was especially good ! blogDSCF4673 blogDSCF4675blogDSCF4676 blogDSCF4680 blogDSCF4679

I strongly recommend Claus because not only the food is of good quality but also, the staff is very friendly which is unfortunately kind of rare in Paris.

Anyway I will surely come back to taste these fabulous pastries. blogDSCF4689

Claus, 14 rue Jean-Jacques Rousseau 75001 PARIS

Tempted ?


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