De Beaux Restes (contest inside)

blogDSCF4852I’m very happy today to present you De Beaux Restes and at the same time to organize my first contest ! :)debeauxrestes

De Beaux Restes ? What a strange name, what is it ? It’s a French brand that brings back to life vintage fabrics by making pillows out of them. The brand pillars are : salvage, recycling and create. No need to say more, Solie the designer will talk to you about it a lot better than me.  de-beaux-restes-solie

Can you present yourself in a few words ?

« It’s not easy to talk about yourself… but let’s go ! I am very curious, I’m a foodie (but we don’t really care about that !), a creative person (a bit crazy), a sensitive soul (I cry easily). I’m very discreet, I like to hide behind nicknames and behind a brand rather than to be put in the limelight. ;)

What is your life path ?

I have an artistic background but what matters the most is not me or my desires but the objects and fabrics that we are trying to bring back to life. 

How was born De Beaux Restes ?

The idea comes from an anecdote that sparked my creativity : I was taking a walk when suddenly I saw on the sidewalk an old wobbly but absolutely charming chair. I decided to put this object – which apparently didn’t deserve anything anymore – to good use. 

Traditional fabrics, old-fashioned tablecloths, objects that are apparently useless… There are so many things that deserve our attention. Today’s idea is to manufacture and to develop mini-exclusive small collections entirely remade in France. 

Where do the fabrics come from ?

We salvage our fabrics during our researches (Relais, Emmaüs, old factory stocks , workshops…) We select with a lot of rigor and refabricate them with the same philosophy in a French workshop. We have high quality products with meticulous attention to details. 

Do you intend to expand the range of De Beaux Restes and salvage other objects ?

Yes, I have other ideas for new exclusive small collections. The main idea is to get inspired by fabrics, old objects that seem to be disposable but in the end turn out to be authentic treasures. »

I recommend you to have a look at De Beaux Restes’ blog, a real ode to salvage and an inspiration for those who want to try it. slide-show-2

What a beautiful idea when salvage becomes an inspiration in our consumer society in which waste is king. blog21

Here are some pictures from the online collections : graphic, flower patterns and pastel with always a touch of fluo to give a little bit of zest… in short, everything I love ! coussin_Albert coussin_Eva coussin_Marius coussin_Adèle-4 coussin_Arthur-2_ ambianceambiance 2

I personally fell in love with the mini Pimprenelle. Its springtime look which makes me want to run bare feet in the fresh grass.  :)blogDSCF4977blogDSCF4817 blogDSCF4832 blogDSCF4867blogDSCF4941

Do you love them too ? Well that’s good, De Beaux Restes offers to one of you one of its small cushions from mini-série n°1 or from mini-série n°2.

To participate :

End of the contest the 20th of March 2014 at midnight – results by random draw the 22th of March 2014. Good luck my strolling friends !blogDSCF4964 blogDSCF5001

De Beaux Restes, for the nostalgics of the old days and for the dreamers of today.


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