Dream for a day at Euro Disney


Last weekend I spent the day at Euro Disney with my friends. I almost never went back after I left it.

I worked at Euro Disney for a few months as a legal counsel 5 years ago. The offices were behind the Disney Studio park and to get there I had to take a shuttle on the Baloo line ! True story ! The offices are so big that to go to one building to another you have to take a shuttle. blogDSCF3815 blogDSCF3849 blogDSCF3859

I loved working there and I could go inside the park whenever I want by a secret door (sorry people I won’t reveal anything) during lunch break or after work in the evening. Once, I got back to work after lunch with shaky legs because I had just taken a ride in the Tower of Terror ah ah !blogDSCF3892

In a few words, I have amazing memories of my time working there but lately I couldn’t think of Disneyland Paris the same way (plus you can see disturbing things when you’re in the backstages like Mickey with his head under his arm, smoking a cigarette) and I got kind of blasé even though I just worked there for 6 months. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for my ex-colleagues who have been working there for years !  I must take this opportunity to say hello to the whole legal team, I haven’t forgotten you ! « You’ve got a friend in me. » :)


Working there I learned so many tricks like for example, did you know that if your kids are wearing cowboy costumes, you don’t have to queue to go to Big Thunder Mountain, you can get in through the exit ?! The queue is always so long that I wish I could find a kid wearing a cowboy costume to ask him to come with me hi hi ! Let me precise that I never tried it so I don’t even know if it actually works but that’s what I’ve been told…


Last weekend then, it was the 2nd times in 5 years that I went to Disneyland Paris and I must say that it’s a good thing I took a break because the magic happened again and I had the impression of rediscovering the park with my children eyes. We can say whatever we want about Disneyland, that it’s just for kids, that it’s too expensive, that it’s far away, that it’s always crowded, that the food is not good but God it’s so good to dream, to let go, to believe for one day that paradise exists, to sing out loud our favorite Disney songs and not worry about what the others might think, to smile foolishly while Mickey waves at you…  A bit of naivety can be good, we shouldn’t be ashamed of our childish side. Today’s dreamers are tomorrow’s leaders.

blogDSCF3839 blogDSCF3845 blogDSCF3847 blogDSCF3887 blogDSCF4056 blogDSCF4049 blogDSCF3947 blogDSCF3967 blogDSCF3924 blogDSCF4023 blogDSCF3990 blogDSCF4024 blogDSCF4038 blogDSCF3933 blogDSCF3988 blogDSCF4042 blogDSCF3904 blogDSCF3987

Five years ago we were already talking about Ratatouille’s new ride and the reconstitution of Paris. I finally saw it and they did such a good work, it’s beautiful !

blogDSCF3820 blogDSCF3823 blogDSCF3824

Disneyland Paris is even more magical and colorful these days because it feels like Spring !

blogDSCF4015 blogDSCF3862 blogDSCF3907 blogDSCF4016 blogDSCF3914 blogDSCF3902

I had so much fun this day with Marion, Morgane, Claire, Laura and Amélia : these girls are amazing ! Like you can see on the pictures, I was the only one who was not wearing Minnie’s ears but after all I was the one looking ridiculous among those adorable mouses.  :)

blogDSCF3835 11016695_10155306977610038_641127885_n blogDSCF3894 11039402_10155303117225038_2006804077_n blogDSCF3982 blogDisneyland-Paris-avec-les-princesses,-Laura,-Morgane,-Claire,-Marion,-Aurélie-82

Anyway what I’m sure is that I cannot wait to go to Euro Disney with my friend’s and family’s children for their first time so I could see their face light up and their eyes sparkling with happiness !

blogDSCF3948 blogDSCF4012

Have a nice weekend my friends and never stop dreaming !


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