Have a green day !


I’m starting to really appreciate plants even if I don’t have a green thumb but I’m learning, my succulents are not dead (yet).

So I was thrilled to be invited to the Tropical party organized by Truffaut and Paulette magazine at the amazing Zazou studio !

It’s an old factory/luggage workshop based on the hills of Ménilmontant, transformed into a photo studio/film set.blogDSCF7337 blogDSCF7317 blogDSCF7341 blogDSCF7345 blogDSCF7346 blogDSCF7349Under the floor planks where we were, there’s also a swimming pool ! I really liked the inspiring decoration which harmoniously combines industrial and ethnic design with objects brought back from several trips abroad. The place was perfect for the tropical theme of the party specially decorated for the occasion by Truffaut.blogDSCF7310 blogDSCF7312During the party, various green DIY workshops were proposed : how to make a floral boater, a suspended pot holder in macramé, bracelets (that I didn’t have time to do), a nest box and decorated flower pots.blogDSCF7316 blogDSCF7327blogDSCF7311 blogDSCF7308 blogDSCF7334 blogDSCF7319 blogDSCF7320 blogDSCF7333A tropical buffet was served with tropical salads and fruits, colorful cocktails…blogDSCF7336 blogDSCF7343I love so much these events that help me to develop my creativity (and there’s a lot to do) and to overcome my shyness by meeting new people. Unfortunately, this evening I wasn’t too chatty because I’m so bad at manual work that I had to be very focused on what I was doing (I know that considering the fact that I’m a woman, I’m supposed to be able to do several things at the same time but well…).

I was quite happy to go back home with the new Paulette.blogDSCF7609Here are the result of the DIY workshops.blogDSCF7490Now I only need a plant. blogDSCF7472 blogDSCF7471 blogDSCF7481 blogDSCF7363A few months ago, I already had the opportunity to participate to a DIY floral workshop organized this time by Sia Home Fashion in their boutique in Madeleine (5 boulevard Malesherbes 75008 PARIS).blogDSCF5967We made a flower crown with Sia’s flowers (the flowers are artificial but so well imitated !). We also had a presentation on the manufacturing process of these flowers by a Norwegian flower expert, who explained to us the different steps.

You easily understand why artificial flowers can be so expensive when you know that each petal is cut out, colored, glued and put together by hand, it’s a real art !blogDSCF5956 blogDSCF5957 blogDSCF5970The similarity with real flowers is incredible no ?

I enjoyed so much this workshop, the whole team was so nice with us and we were in a small group (we were only 4). This gave me the opportunity to see again Tahiana from the Blog d’Olive and to meet  Anne-Sophie from the blog Hëllø Blogzine). I really had an amazing time !

Here is the flower crown that I made, isn’t it nice ? I love it so much that it is now part of my interior decoration.blogDSCF7491Since we are talking green, let me show you the bucolic experience created by the landscapers Les Mauvaises Graines at Merci shop last April (yes it’s not so fresh anymore).

In the main entrance courtyard, the famous red Fiat 500 had been replaced by a yellow truck invaded by a forest of wild plants, where there was also a small farm occupied by rabbits and chickens.blogDSCF6348 blogDSCF6349 blogDSCF6350Inside the shop there was a huge fishing hut with vegetable gardens and orchards for residents. Gardening can be rock’n roll !blogDSCF6356 blogDSCF6357 blogDSCF6361 blogDSCF6362Merci – 111 boulevard Beaumarchais – 75003 PARIS

If you’re interested in reproducing these DIY projects at home, don’t hesitate to leave me a message with your email address so I can send you the tutorials (in French).

Have a green day my friends !


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