Strolling in Boulogne #1


Boulogne, is a city just outside Paris often considered as a city of old and rich people where there is nothing to do. However, so many spots are springing up like concept stores, burger bars or cute tea rooms… Here are a few of my favorite spots in Boulogne. 

Le Gotham :

You can have a very good burger in Boulogne if you go to Gotham. It seems that I’m not the only one who knows this place, it’s always crowed at lunch. I love the American and rock’n roll decoration and the burgers are amazing ! blogDSCF6288 blogDSCF6310 blogDSCF6297 blogDSCF6298

With Marion we couldn’t resist the chevre, honey sauce, fig jam and mixed salad burger with homemade french fries. I’m hungry just by looking at this picture ! blogDSCF6283

The staff is friendly and we had the opportunity to chit chat a bit with Gary who is very nice. I have to take my boyfriend to this place, I’m sure he will love it !blogDSCF6305Gotham – 124 rue de Billancourt – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Cupcake and coffee :

A new tea room has just opened recently with a very shabby chic decoration : Cupcake and coffee.blogDSCF6235


In this cute tea room, you are welcomed by the the adorable Gwendoline who offers different kind of delicious pastries like cupcakes, muffins or cheesecakes for breakfast or for a nice tea time with friends. You also have the choice between bagels, soups, salads or salted tarts if you want to have a quick lunch.

The tea is Kusmi tea and the coffee is Nespresso. The decoration is mostly Maisons du Monde but also My Little Box cards.blogDSCF6255This place makes everyone drool over, even Fitzgerald ! So if you love sweet pastries, sweet decoration, sweet people and sweet dogs, this place is for you !

Cupcake and coffee – 10 boulevard Jean Jaurès – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Intemporel :

We stay in a cute atmosphere with this very charming home decoration shop : Intemporel. It used to be a Comptoir de famille franchise but it is now selling products from different suppliers but the style is still rustic and romantic.  blogDSCF6131 blogDSCF6130 blogDSCF6127 blogDSCF6134 blogDSCF6128 blogDSCF6138

It’s the perfect shop if you like the country style and you can also have a nice talk with Laurence the owner who is very nice.

Intemporel – 41 avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Love it :blogDSCF6333

You may have never noticed this shop even if you live in Boulogne or you may have never dared to go in. This is a shame because inside it’s hiding a real Aladdin’s cave, see for yourself ! blogDSCF6315 blogDSCF6318 blogDSCF6322

A joyful mess where you can find different kind of styles like girly, handmade and ethnic style. I had the opportunity to talk with the owner, a passionate woman who has decided to select all the objects that she loves. Don’t hesitate to talk with her, it’s such a pleasure ! blogDSCF6327

However, as you can see on the pictures, the shop is full of objects so it’s not easy to see everything or to find what you’re looking for… but it is also what makes it charming. blogDSCF6332Hope that thanks to this post, you won’t be shy anymore and will dare to go inside to discover this atypic shop.

Love it – 101 boulevard Jean-Jaurès – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Open en ville :

My fetish home store in Boulogne is Open en ville where you can buy very cheap design and industrial furniture.  blogDSCF5357 blogDSCF5367 blogDSCF5368Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures, lightening wasn’t too good this day.blogDSCF5352 blogDSCF6120

You already saw one of these cloches on my Instagram. By the way, the candle is also from there and it smells like heaven. ffcd78e0b57f11e3a0d012d37dc11815_8

You can also find Open en ville stores in Paris, in Créteil and in Aix-en-Provence.

Open en ville – 125 boulevard Jean Jaurès – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Bensimon :

A new concept store just opened avenue Jean Jaurès  : Bensimon/Home autour du monde ! You can find the clothing collection of Bensimon of course (the famous tennis shoes, clothes, shoes, bags…) but also decoration : a mix of Scandinavian, French and English design (furnitures, dishes, linen…). blogDSCF6506


I recognized the beautiful La cerise sur le gâteau cushions, the Hay sorter and THE Eames chair !blogDSCF6508 blogDSCF6532

The shop is quite small but well organized and very colorful.

Bensimon – 50 boulevard Jean Jaurès – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Heven :

Let’s finish with another concept store established in an old boulangerie from the 30’s : Heven. This trendy place mixes fashion, furniture, design objects, work of art, bookshop and a delicatessen corner. blogDSCF6554 blogDSCF6561 blogDSCF6563 blogDSCF6568 blogDSCF6569 blogDSCF6570I didn’t except to find such a trendy place in Boulogne !

Heven – 33b rue Nationale – 92100 Boulogne Billancourt

Finally, what I like the most about Boulogne is admiring these splendid houses especially now with the blooming wisteria. It makes me want to sing  « Purple rain puuuurple raaaiiinnn ! »blogDSCF6311blogDSCF6550 blogDSCF6275 blogDSCF6218 blogDSCF6169

I enjoyed so much talking with all these people (restaurant owners and shop owners) because they were all kind, motivated and passionated about their jobs. Don’t hesitate to do the same with them but also with those close to wherever you’re living.  It’s is so nice to take the time to enjoy a nice chat with the people living around us, we have so many things to learn from other people.

Don’t you all want to live in Boulogne now ? :)

Anyway, I wish you a very nice easter weekend and be careful with chocolate indigestion, but most of all be careful with bones lamb (it can be dangerous trust me) !


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