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I have decided to start this new year with a colorful post. Why should we only wear black, brown or grey shoes ? With this sad weather, a little bit of color would not be bad and Bobbies understands this.

Bobbies is the brand of my slippers with a glitter bow that you saw here or even there (at the end of the post). Each time I’m wearing them everyone is looking at them. Some people love them and others hate them (they say they look like clown shoes), but in any case they never go unnoticed.

I was lucky enough to be invited to discover their new Spring/Summer 2014 collection in their showroom (beautiful Parisian apartment with a funky decoration) during an apero with other bloggers. Let me apologize for the bad quality of the pictures, I didn’t have my camera on me (pictures taken with my phone).

blogIMG_5575 blogIMG_5534



I was very flattered to be invited even though my blog is still a baby and the fact that my blog isn’t really about fashion. However, I’m afraid I was feeling uneasy probably because there were too many people for a shy person like me.

Anyway, what I love the most about Bobbies is its originality, it’s how it revisits the most classical shoes with a personal view : flashy colors with a modern shape and fun details.

Traditional rubber studded moccasins or even slippers which are often linked to a mainstream looking, have a completely different image at Bobbies’. They exist in a multitude of colors and sometimes with an unusual detail like a glitter or a flowery bow.

Bobbies is above all rubber studded moccasins. Indeed, everything started by the wish of 2 friends in love with these shoes to leave the world of finance to share their unconditional love for them. To do that, they wanted to democratize them by changing their posh image, often related to Tod’s brand which is not accessible to all.

They first manufactured only a few products for their friends. It was such a success that they decided to start their own business and this is how Bobbies was born in 2010.

At the begining, Bobbies was only a male brand but they soon expand to females. If you don’t like moccasins don’t worry, you can also find slippers, ballerinas and soon boots and sandals. For men, in addition to moccasins you will soon be able to find desert boots.

blogIMG_5559Desert Boots

Boots (I completely fell in love with them)



Here is a quick overview of the new collection available starting February.blogIMG_5563 blogIMG_5544 blogIMG_5543

I present to you Jean-Bobby, the brand mascot. Why a pelican ? Because this bird is a symbol of joy, elegance and sun. :) blogIMG_5573

A good thing to know : the shoes are manufactured in Portugal and the materials and leathers come from Italy so it’s 100% made in Europe which is very rare these days.

Where can you buy Bobbies ?

For the Parisians, the 1st shop opened its doors in 2013 in Le Marais area  : 1 rue des Blancs Manteaux 75004 PARIS.

However, you can find them in 120 outlets everywhere in France (23 in Paris) and also abroad : in the main European countries, and in most of the continents… There’s something for everybody :) You can see the list of all the outlets here.

So, don’t you want to make your feet happy ? :)blogDSCF4144 blogDSCF4160

Slippers : Bobbies; jeansVero Moda (old collection); striped top : Intimissimi (old collection); sweat : Gosse de Paris (available here); hat bought in a small shop in Le Marais.

By the way, I’d like to wish you a wonderful 2014 year ! Thank you for the warm welcome you gave my blog. After 3 months, I must say that that I’m full of joy. Thank you for all your support, I hope 2014 will be full of strolls.  :)blogDSCF1169

P.S. To start well this new year, I posted a competition for Parisian on my Facebook page  and a cocooning playlist.


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