Happy Thanksgiving !

blogDSC_0731I had the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving last weekend at my family-in-law’s in Milan. What a strange idea to go to Milan to celebrate Thanksgiving you will say. My mother-in-law is American which explains why. ☺ In France, we only have a cloudy notion of what Thanksgiving is thanks to American TV-show and movies. I was so happy then to celebrate this magic moment.

In the US, people gather the 4th Thursday of November (in Canada it’s the 2th Monday of October) to celebrate Thanksgiving by sharing a good meal. Where does this tradition come from?

Origins :

It’s a reminder of the Native American role in the first American thanksgiving, a feast held to thank the Indians for sharing their knowledge and skills. Today Thanksgiving is a time for reflection, sharing, gratitude and sharing.

Thanksgiving  traditions:

The turkey is the main course and the side dishes depend on regional specialties but they are generally composed of bread stuffing, cranberry jelly and mashed potatoes. For the dessert it’s a delicious pumpkin pie (and we also had an apple pie). For those who are wondering, no you don’t offer gifts at Thanksgiving even though you can consider that spending precious time with your family and friend is a gift.blogDSC_0605 blogDSC_0604Our 7kg turkey!blogDSC_0687 blogDSC_0670 blogDSC_0609 blogDSC_0614The tradition is that you go around the table and hear what the guest are thankful for.

I’m so thankful for spending such a cosy weekend with my loved ones, eating delicious meals, drinking tea, petting a dog and flipping through lifestyle magazine. What a perfect cosy weekend ! I’m so thankful for having such a great family !blogDSC_0649 blogDSC_0644 blogDSC_0646 blogDSC_0643 blogDSC_0640 blogDSC_0636 blogDSC_0632 blogDSC_0625 blogDSC_0620 blogDSC_0616 blogDSC_0608blogDSC_0664 blogDSC_0590 blogDSC_0592I love lifestyle magazines like Frankie and Kinfolk  (Kinfolk even made this wonderful book of recipe you see above) so I’m so happy to have discovered Simple Things that celebrates simple pleasures. The n°5 issue just came out : so cosy and inspiring !blogDSC_0615 blogDSC_0610I’ve never be happier to hear that I should finish the leftovers the next day !bloguDSC_0600 bloguDSC_0620 blogDSC_0732 blogDSC_0727If you want to see more about this fantastic house, go check this post that I posted last year about another cosy weekend in Milan.

Cosy speaking, let me show you some of the things I received in the last My little box (there were also a hair conditioner and a mascara).blogDSC_0609 blog1511141_10154912540635038_1175735992185716481_nHave a lovely cosy weekend !


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