An afternoon at the Abbey des Vaux de Cernay


Today I won’t bore you with words but with pictures to show you the amazing place we went to yesterday during this hot summer day. Seeing everyone leaving for the holidays made us want to go somewhere  to change our minds We didn’t want to go too far from Paris so we decided to go at the Abbey des Vaux de Cernay which is in the valley of Chevreuse, close to the Forest of Rambouillet (less than an hour drive from Paris).blogDSCF9516blogDSCF9712 blogDSCF9706In this 75 hectares domain you can have a look at this unbelievably beautiful abbey and the ruins of the church. The abbey has been transformed into a luxury hotel-restaurant. It seems to be the perfect place to get married.blogDSCF9527 blogDSCF9528 blogDSCF9530 blogDSCF9641blogDSCF9540 blogDSCF9546

At the Haras de Rothschild there is also a hotel called “l’Hôtel des Haras” where you can stay for the night.blogDSCF9702 blogDSCF9698 blogDSCF9693The abbey is surrounded by nature, blue everywhere and most of all you can have a delightful moment of rest in a magical place  ! Feels like we are far away from Paris right? blogDSCF9548 blogDSCF9549 blogDSCF9550 blogDSCF9551 blogDSCF9552 blogDSCF9553Ice tea time !blogDSCF9561 blogDSCF9615 blogDSCF9618 blogDSCF9622 blogDSCF9624 blogDSCF9627

The Saint Thibault’s fountain. For the record, legend says that St Louis made Margaret of Provence (Queen of France) drink miracle water from the St Thibault fountain and it made her fertile. She had 11 children after that.  blogDSCF9640blogDSCF9653

Go stroll around the pond, it’s the opportunity for great encounters. :)blogDSCF9651 blogDSCF9637 blogDSCF9660 blogDSCF9663 blogDSCF9673 blogDSCF9679 blogDSCF9684I felt so good after this afternoon, i forgot everything around me and almost had the impression of having been on holidays for the day.  blogDSCF9708blogDSCF9689Have a nice week everyone whether you are on holidays or not.


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