The essence of Paris

blogDSCF4712A Saturday of March in Paris.

Nothing planned, only strolling, window-shopping, appreciating the beautiful Parisian doors, old Fiats, meeting an adorable dog, having lunch in a boulangerie, passing by Merci shop, having a coffee break under the sun and walking, immersing myself in the so special atmosphere of Paris.  blogDSCF4707 blogDSCF4720 blogDSCF4730 blogDSCF4741 blogDSCF4742 blogDSCF4733 blogDSCF4731 blogDSCF4800Boots Kookaï (winter collection 2014)


Paris, a city where we live in the fast lane without taking the time to catch its essence. However, behind the hustle and bustle, Paris is a discreet and private city full of surprises.

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I keep (re)discovering Paris like an endless tourist and appreciating its multiple faces (for example, I talked to you about my colorful Paris here). Little by little I’m shaping it to make it “my” Paris. What is yours or what is the city you like the most and why ?


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