Bucolic Paris #7: “La Campagne à Paris”


You are sick of Paris, you feel oppressed, you can no longer stand walking among hordes of tourists and seeing the same buildings everyday, even the Tour Eiffel… You can’t take it anymore, you only see Paris as a grey and sad city full of bitter people… 

As soon as the fine weather returns, terraces are being stormed and going for a sunbath at Buttes Chaumont feels like being on a beach of the French Riviera during August : you look for the only free square meter and you lie down with your neighbor’s feet in your face!

You need a change of scenery, to relax, to see colorful facades and green places filled with flowers. A good thing as it turns out that a 3 day-weekend is coming. The problem is that these weekends the planes and the trains are overly expensive unless you book them a long time in advance and it is out of question to take the car and be stuck in traffic for hours! What do we do then? We mope around angrily cursing all of our friends posting pictures of their holidays or do we go out and enjoy Paris properly?

Because Paris is also this:


rue du Capitaine Ferber

blogDSC_0461 blogDSC_0462 blogDSC_0463 blogDSC_0469

Passage Boudin

blogDSC_0480 blogDSC_0485 blogDSC_0486

Passage du Lieutenant Chauré 


Villa Etienne Marey

blogDSC_0497 blogDSC_0500

Villa Perreur

After having crossed all these charming streets, you arrive at this area called « La Campagne à Paris » (it is rue Irénée-Blanc and rue Jules Siegfried in the 20th arrondissement of Paris). No, you’re not dreaming, we’re still in Paris!

blogDSC_0523blogDSC_0533 blogDSC_0535 blogDSC_0536 blogDSC_0538blogDSC_0547 blogDSC_0541 blogDSC_0550 blogDSC_0551 blogDSC_0553 blogDSC_0555 blogDSC_0556 blogDSC_0562 blogDSC_0564 blogDSC_0565 blogDSC_0569 blogDSC_0571 blogDSC_0579 blogDSC_0583

It is difficult to imagine that  Paris ring-road is right next door isn’t it? Anyway you don’t have any more excuses, you know what to do this weekend. Hop hop hop people, everybody outside! :)


You can even find other stroll ideas like this one here.

Happy egg hunt!


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