The Amalfi coast 3/3 : Amalfi & Positano

blogIMG_0206Here is the last stage of this our trip to the Amalfi Coast after Naples and Capri. Unfortunately our camera stopped working in the morning so we had to take pictures with the Ipad instead ! This is why the quality of the pictures is not so good, sorry for that. I took then a lot less pictures even with such beautiful surroundings but I hope you’ll still enjoy it. Like I told you in the previous post, we went to Sorrento to take our boat for Capri. When we came back we only made a quick tour in Sorrento because we didn’t have a lot of time, the daylight was fading and we had a long road to go to our last hotel.

From what we saw we were not thrilled by the city. Maybe we didn’t’ go to the right places but it was very touristy and lacked charm.blogDSCF3030 blogDSCF3054 blogDSCF3055 blogDSCF3031

We then took the road for the hotel. The road was kind of chaotic especially during the night because it was a narrow and sinuous mountain road, not illuminated at all and with crazy “Wacky races” drivers that didn’t care at all about the fact that 2 cars couldn’t pass at the same time. They were driving at high speed no matter what, you could fall in the ravine, it won’t be their problem !

We finally arrived at the hotel safe and sound.  Here is the room we slept in.blogDSCF3061

I will be brief this time because I didn’t love it like I did for the 2 previous ones. The room was nice (with a beautiful floor) but the B&B was a bit simple and sad.

Rianna rooms & Breakfast – Piazza San Pietro 1 – 84010 SCALA

The next morning, when we took back the road, I must say we enjoyed it a lot more even if people were still trying to push us in the ravine, but at least we could appreciate the beautiful landscape (well me, not the Boyfriend who was driving obviously).blogDSCF3070blogDSCF3087

This is the last picture I took before the camera stopped working.blogDSCF3089

We arrived in Amalfi, a touristy city but very charming. blogIMG_0167 It’s a city on a slope of the hill with cute alleys linked by small passages (you’ll understand better by watching the video at the end of this post).blogIMG_0131 blogIMG_0135blogIMG_0133There are old Fiat 500 of every color here.blogIMG_0155

The beach is not amazing, it’s not a beach of fine golden sand and there’s a lot of people even at the end of September so it’s probably a lot worse during summer but it was quite nice to be able to soak our feet in the water.blogIMG_0174blogIMG_0176

Here is the beautiful duomo.blogIMG_0181 blogIMG_0184

For lunch we snacked in the street with small grilled fishes in a paper cornet with some lemon juice and a good lemon sorbet.blogIMG_0166

After walking in the city, you easily understand why it’s listed as UNESCO world heritage. The city is really charming and I loved the strong dolce vita atmosphere. I would have loved to stay more but we had to go to our last stop : Positano, one of the most popular beach paradises of the area.blogIMG_0245

It’s a charming city as well where I liked to stroll in the narrow streets (even if there were a lot of steps to climb) and to look at the typical white fishermen’s houses. Positano is also listed as UNESCO world heritage.blogIMG_0201blogIMG_0203 blogIMG_0240 blogIMG_0205blogIMG_0254

While strolling, we came accross this cute juice bar frontage. We had already eaten (if you follow well we had grilled fishes and lemon sorbet) but we are « buone forchette » (litteraly « good forks » in Italian) so we were still hungry and the interior was very inviting.blogIMG_0209

We entered inside and wow I wasn’t expecting that ! How pretty ! Casa e Bottega is a coffee shop and a Mediterranean design shop at the same time.blogIMG_0211 blogIMG_0217 blogIMG_0218 blogIMG_0219

Isn’ it beautiful ? But it’s also delicious ! Here, they serve you good local organic products : great selection of fruit smoothies, platters of freshly baked desserts and wonderfully fresh healthy salads – a nice reprieve from the overload of pasta and panini’s (apart from the fact that it was our second lunch hi hi) !blogIMG_0216 blogIMG_0231 blogIMG_0221 blogIMG_0222It’s beautiful, it’s good and the staff is super friendly : 10/10 for Casa e Bottega !

Casa e bottega – Via Pasitea, 100 – 84017 POSITANO

Positano is the coast’s most picturesque and photogenic town, with steeply-stacked houses tumbling down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached peach, pink and terracotta colors. The typical Italian postcard.blogIMG_0206

This is the end of our 3 day trip in Italy where we enjoyed beautiful landscapes and wonderful food. I think that the end of September is the best moment to go, there are less tourists and it’s not too hot to visit but the weather is still nice (we had between 25°c and 27°c).

Here is a video recap of this weekend in Naples, Capri, Amalfi and Positano. Don’t hesitate to tell me what you think of it and you can subscribe to my youtube channel so you won’t miss my strolling in videos. :)

You can read the post about Naples here and the one about Capri here.

Have a nice weekend, arrivederci !


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