La Maison Baccarat


This weekend I went to the Maison Baccarat which is in a wonderful hôtel particulier in the middle of Paris. In this outstanding place you can find a museum, a restaurant, a bar and a boutique. At the moment, Baccarat is celebrating its 250th anniversary. For this big event, you can see a magical table set and champagne and sweets are served. Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures but taking picture wasn’t allowed so I had to be quick and discreet :p. blogIMG_5782 blogIMG_5779Choux by Jean-François Piège (famous French chef)

You see this huge ring ? This is an eatable one made of chocolate, red berries and nougatine !blogIMG_5788 blogDSCF4515

Upstairs there is the museum where you can see the exhibition : “les 250 ans“. The tour presents 5 main themes representing the history of the legendary brand. blogDSCF4508 blogIMG_5795

The exhibition « Les 250 ans » will finish on the 24th of January 2015 at the Maison Baccarat : 11 place des Etats-Unis 75116 PARIS.blogDSCF4170blogDSCF4168
The exhibition was very small so afterward we went for a walk in the neighborhood.  As you can see, the buildings are all so wonderful  !blogDSCF4173blogDSCF4175blogDSCF4177blogDSCF4180blogDSCF4181blogDSCF4182blogDSCF4183blogDSCF4187I found these flowers on a window sill. :)blogDSCF4186

This post is much shorter than the others but don’t worry the next ones are gonna be more detailed. :)

Have a nice week everyone !


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