The Norman House

blogDSCF3328Once upon a time, there was a lonely family house lost in the Norman countryside.

In the olden days, it was in this house that the family used to meet and spend their precious moments together but, as time went by, visits became increasingly rare.blogDSCF3209blogDSCF3233

Since then, the children have now grown up and started their own families so they don’t have the time to come to the Normand house anymore. This is a cause of great sadness for the eldest who are afraid to see this tradition ends.

Today, time seems to stand still in the Norman house : old children books are shelved and floral wallpapers have not been unglued. Everything seems to have remained the same as if the house was still inhabited and that its occupants would be back soon.blogDSCF3248 blogDSCF3197 blogDSCF3253 blogDSCF3239 blogDSCF3244 blogDSCF3516 blogDSCF3543 blogDSCF3524

One day, one of the young couples of the family decided to invite some friends over for the weekend. And so, on a Saturday morning of October, nine people sat down at a breakfast table set by their lovely hosts.blogDSCF3258 blogDSCF3261

Not everyone knew each other, some met through Instagram, others had common friends. Most of them came from different countries : USA, Slovakia, England, Singapore, Italy and France. But, what they had in common was that they all lived in Paris. It was in these unlikely circumstances that they were going to get to know each other at the heart of Norman countryside.blogDSCF3206 blogIMG_6402-copy blogDSCF3210 blogDSCF3214 blogDSCF3218 blogIMG_6474-copy blogDSCF3222 blogDSCF3231 blogDSCF3286

During the weekend, these new friends took advantage of all the little pleasures of life like running through fields laughing, picking some berries, playing in the puddles with their Wellies on or picking up fallen leaves.blogIMG_6436 blogDSCF3304 blogDSCF3307 blogDSCF3320 blogIMG_6461

With good wine, cheese and delicatessen they shared their memories and put the world to rights under the sun and with summer temperatures.blogDSCF3273 blogDSCF3277 blogDSCF3337 blogDSCF3354 blogDSCF3357 blogDSCF3374 blogDSCF3534

It turned out that the Norman house was not that far from civilization because Deauville was just around the corner. The friends took this opportunity to stroll in the streets and admire the beautiful half-timbered houses. blogDSCF3389 blogDSCF3393 blogDSCF3394 blogDSCF3398 blogDSCF3400 blogDSCF3444 blogDSCF3446 blogDSCF3447 blogDSCF3449 blogDSCF3451 blogDSCF3455Then they tasted the joy of Indian summer on a near deserted beach where they felt like children again picking shells, doing jumping competitions, crab fights and umbrella throwing…blogDSCF3407 blogDSCF3410 blogIMG_6837-copy blogDSCF3430 IMG_6764 copy blogIMG_6766-copy blogDSCF3434 blogIMG_6874-copy blogDSCF3437 blogIMG_6883-copy blogDSCF3438

In the evening, the friends had a drink in front of a spectacular sunset and then went to Trouville to eat some good mussels and French fries in the famous restaurant Les Vapeurs. This dream day finished by an improvised memorable dancing party that lasted well into the night.blogDSCF3479 blogDSCF3488 blogDSCF3493 blogDSCF3496 blogDSCF3510

The next day, the weather and the atmosphere were bad-tempered; rain came back like an echo to the friends’ moral whose hearts were heavy to have to leave this dream Normand house and go back to their Parisian routine.

They will never forget how generous their hosts were and how warm the Norman house was. They had fantastic bucolic, gastronomical weekend full of memories, laughs and emotions.

The only think they could think of is when  come back as quickly as possible to this charming house full of memories where they built their own.  They even claimed ownership of the rooms their slept in, they feel like home now.blogDSCF3511 blogDSCF3199 blogDSCF3527 blogDSCF3523

The Norman house is delighted by the new due attention it truly deserves and is now ready to go out through the winter happily till warmer days arrive.blogDSCF3232 blogDSCF3288

From the left to the right : JasmineLauren, John, Jérémie, TriciaHanaThe Boyfriend.


P.S. the pictures I’m on have been taken by Hana from Journey Into La Ville Lumière. You can read her post about or Norman weekend here.


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