La Seine & moi (& other stories)

Stroll on the banks of the Seine to show you my big fashion crush.

blogDSCF2691I don’t like taking risks. I’m always afraid to change my hairstyle and as a shy person I don’t like to be under the spotlight. Up to a few years ago I was only wearing black, grey and navy during winter. Then I’ve started to wear a lot of red, then pine green and it’s finally time for some mustard yellow to appear in my wardrobe ! I decided one month ago that I needed a yellow sweater. I looked everywhere without finding what I was looking for until I went to & other stories. Where ? & other stories is the new high-end brand of the H&M Group after COS. They opened their first shop in Paris the 5th of April 2013 (277 rue Saint Honoré 75008 Paris). It really is worth going : 750 m2 of clothes, shoes, make-up and jewelry. I must admit that in general it’s quite expensive but you can find affordable items and it’s good quality.

The bottom line is that I fell in love with this wool sweater (100% wool) which is gonna keep me warm this winter and it’s a good coat substitute for fall. However it’s a cropped sweater so you have to wear a top under it.

blogDSCF2700blogDSCF2707blogDSCF2761blogDSCF2713blogDSCF2759blogDSCF2755blogDSCF2719blogDSCF2728blogDSCF2735Hope you will realize how dangerous this photoshoot was (swans are really mean). Look at my face on these 2 pictures and you’ll see how relaxed I was !).

Sweater : & other stories; sailor top : Ralph Lauren (old collection); pants : H&M (old collection); boots : Jonak (old collection); bag : Vanessa Bruno (old collection); hat : bought it in a hat shop in Le Marais in Paris.

I’ve also tried a 2nd outfit because I absolutely wanted to wear my new ASOS dress before summer :)

blogDSCF2644blogDSCF2652You will notice that I’m wearing a hat, something that I will never do before (even though I had the impression that everyone was looking at me. I need to get used to it). Maybe all these changes are related to the fact that I’m getting older. I’m celebrating my 28th birthday tomorrow ! :)

blogDSCF2684Let’s celebrate it with a broccoli bouquet :)

What about you ? What’s your fashion obsession of the moment ?


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