Sézane Apartment, oh mamma ti amo !


You know how much I love the french brand Sézane since I declared my love for it in this December 2013 blogpost and I think you like it too because it’s one of the most frequently viewed page of the blog even today! (even if some pictures are very bad quality, it makes me ashamed)!
My love for Sézane is still strong today. I have 5 pair of Sézane shoes (1 pair of flat sandals, 2 pairs of boots et 2 pairs of heels). If I could I would have a lot more but quality and comfort have a price.

These days I go to a very few blog events, I don’t have a lot of time left because of Sticky but also I think I got a little tired of them. I have a hard time to pull myself together to take 1h30 of metro after a hard day of work “just” to eat some appetizers and get gifts. I don’t want to sound snobbish but I want to spend more time with my family and my friends. This is why I only go to the events of brands I really love like Bobbies or I never miss an event of My Little Paris!

In a few words, when I got an invitation to discover the new Sézane Apartment before its opening to the public, I didn’t think during a long time before saying yes!

The place just opened yesterday and is sporting the colors of Italy for my greatest pleasure! I immediately felt at home. In any event, seeing all this lemons made me want to go back to the Amalfi coast! So we were welcomed by an Italian buffet and by spritz (Italian cocktails made of prosecco and Campari) without forgetting delicious gelati.

blogIMG_0462 blogIMG_0434 blogIMG_0408 blogIMG_0387 blogIMG_0437 blogIMG_0401 blogIMG_0381

At Sézane Apartment you can try out pieces from the collection, order them online and then have them delivered to your home for free. This evening, I had the opportunity of discovering some new pieces from the April collection and some others from the May collection and trust me, it’s gorgeous or I should say “bellissimo”!

blogIMG_0431 blogIMG_0463 blogIMG_0450 blogIMG_0395

I definitely need this « baci » basket, even if my family-in-law is gonna make fun of me when I’m gonna arrive in Italy with it and everyone can agree on the fact that this swimsuit has been made for me, right?!  It will be available in May.

blogIMG_0396 blogIMG_0402 blogIMG_0400 blogIMG_0385 blogIMG_0392 blogIMG_0464 blogIMG_0443

So what’s new about this new version of this Sézane Apartment?

It now has a take away boutique where a lifestyle selection is on offer, which expands on the season theme (Italy) and that you can take away with you : stationery, interior design, food, books, leather goods and jewellery, amongst so much more…

blogIMG_0423 blogIMG_0484 blogIMG_0411 blogIMG_0445 blogIMG_0412 blogIMG_0415 blogIMG_0447

And it’s not all! In the basement there’s a private cinema which will offer a selection of classics for you to rediscover every season (access by invitation only). Basically, you can now spend hours in this Sézane Apartment and feel like home, the only thing missing to top it off is a coffee place, can’t wait!


Here are the pieces from April collection I bought.


What about you, are you Sézane addicts? Anyway it’s funny because at the office we were only 2 people wearing Sézane shoes and now everyone is wearing Sézane shoes except some but I’m sure we will convert them soon and as soon as you buy 1 Sézane piece, you cannot stop and have to buy always more!

So who’s gonna go to Sézane Apartment this week?


L’Appartement Sézane – 1 rue Saint Fiacre – 75002 PARIS (open from Wednesday to Saturday from 1am to 8pm)


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