A relax weekend in Cap d’Agde


Well I lied, I thought I wouldn’t post before September but I finally decided to talk to you about my weekend in Cap d’Agde with the Roma Team (Florence, Sophie, Marie, Amélia, Sébastien + Solène who joined us) which met again thanks to Mercure.

If I only talk to you now about it (2 months after) it’s because I was very disappointed by my pictures. My mum had lent me her camera but apparently I incorrectly set it because the pictures were all blurred. Anyway I still want to talk to you about it so let’s not focus on that, let’s go to Cap d’Agde!

Let’s begin with the video I made.

The hotel :

After Rome, we had the opportunity to stay in another Mercure hotel, the Mercure Golf Cap d’Agde : a hotel facing the golf with everything you need for a pleasant stay : hammam, massages, jacuzzi on the roof and the rooms were design, confortables et spacious. What I like the most when I stay at a hotel is to have breakfast in bed, I feel like a princess!

blogDSC_0096 blogDSC_0283 blogDSC_0273blogDSC_0062 blogIMG_20150531_101432 blogDSC_0303

Hôtel Mercure Golf Cap d’Agde – 1 Rue Volvire de Brassac, 34300 CAP D’AGDE

At the hotel we attended a wine tasting organized by a couple who owns vines. We tasted white and rosé Ymys which was light and fruity but of course the one I liked the most was the Château Notre-Dame du Quatourze first of all because I prefer red wine but also because it was really delicious. It deserves all the awards it won (Lyon, Paris, Bruxelles, Elle à table…)! Obviously I never used the spittoon, it would have been such a waste. :)

blogDSC_0275 blogDSC_0279 blogDSC_0301

Activities :

Apart from pretending to be a princess in bed (and not being shoutted at for spilling things) and drinking what did we do? We had a busy program but a very cool one that allowed us to rest and enjoy the sun.

The best part of the weekend for me was the little cruise on a sailing catamaran with Terre Marine, a team of oceanographers proposing sea trips with a scientific, participatory and a sustainable dimension. Therefore you can discover the bay and have a sunbath while being aware of preservation of marine life and in particular of the marine mammals.   On top of that you do something good when you go on a sea trip with them because you help them to fund research for the protection of dolphins and whales. Don’t hesitate to support them by liking their Facebook page.

blogDSC_0244 blogDSC_0246 blogDSC_0255 blogDSC_0260 blogDSC_0262 blogNymphea's-Factory---Mercure-WE-au-Cap-d'Agde-HD-103

On Sunday we had a golf training course. I already suck at mini-golf so I knew I would be pretty bad in golf and I was right!  I was holding my golf club badly and I barely could pull the ball right off the ground when I could even touch it, in a few words I was pretty bad and the suicidal duck didn’t really help me. However I really liked the golf cart ride to admire the view on the bay. :)

blogDSC_0328 blogDSC_0340 blogDSC_0345 blogDSC_0337 blogDSC_0358 blogNymphea's-Factory---Mercure-WE-au-Cap-d'Agde-HD-142 blogDSC_0365 blogDSC_0370

Golf International Cap d’Agde – 4 Avenue des Alizés, 34300 CAP D’AGDE

The restaurants :

Time to eat, let’s move on to the serious stuff!

The golf restaurant :

Speaking of golf, we had lunch at the golf restaurant and it was really good!


L’Écailler :

After a stroll on the harbour we had an apero (look at the size of the plate) at l’Écailler to savor a seafood platter. This oyster bar is hold by a couple who used to live in Paris but who threw everything away to live their dream. Like you know I have a great deal of admiration for those who follow their dreams. If one day I want to do the same, I would open a tea room/library or a bed & breakfast in Tuscany with the Boyfriend. We had it all planned out, he will take care of the conversation, he would be in charge of the finance and would cook and I would be in charge of the decoration and the communication. One day maybe… What would be your dream ? Anyway, despite my disgust for oysters I tried them again. It was not as bad as I had thought but I didn’t enjoy it either, but the others who like oysters told me they were amazing and the rest was delicious!

blogDSC_0117 blogDSC_0136 blogDSC_0129 blogDSC_0145

L’Écailler – Place du Barbecue, 34300 CAP D’AGDE

La Plage du Golf :

After this “small” apero we went to the restaurant La Plage du Golf to enjoy more seafood with our toes in the sand. It was very good and the decoration was really nice. After that we spent some time on the beach to digest, it was great!

blogIMG_20150530_131547 blogIMG_20150530_132152 blogDSC_0181 blogDSC_0185 blogDSC_0188 blogDSC_0195 blogNymphea's-Factory---Mercure-WE-au-Cap-d'Agde-HD-78 blogDSC_0222

Oelwein x Bensimon sneakers


La Plage du Golf – Ile des Loisirs, Plage Richelieu Est, 34300 CAP D’AGDE

Jungle Beach :

Finaly in the evening we went to another beach restaurant where we had an amzing squid. We can easily say that we took full advantage of seafood. :)

blogDSC_0316 blogDSC_0323 blogDSC_0310 blogDSC_0308

Jungle Beach – Plage Richelieu Est, 34300 CAP D’AGDE

Thank you Amélia for the nice pictures of me and for the group pictures and a huge thanks to Mercure for this summery weekend, it’s always so great to travel with you! Can’t wait to do it again for a 3rd episode of the Roma Team.

See you on September for more strolls and have a nice month of August wherever you are and whatever you’re doing! Happy summer my friends!


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