Brighten up your winter with Florida grapefruit


A few weeks ago I received the last Kitchen Trotter box. their latest partnership is with Florida grapefruit. Let’s go to the Sunshine State to fill you up with vitamins to fight against the cold! 

Unfortnately we are not actually flying to Florida but we can pretend we are by bringing the sun in our plates.

This is what’s inside the Florida Box:

– 2 Florida grapefruits

– 5 dry products : arils of dry pomegranates,  golden sesame, black rice, olive oil scented with basil and vanilla extract

– a recipe booklet

– a Florida booklet

A zest of history : in the booklet we learn that the grapefruit was introduced in Florida by a French man, that France is the 2nd largest importer in Europe and that French people are the 2nd biggest grapefruit consumer in the world after Japanese people!

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Florida grapefruits are known to have several benefits: antioxidant, diuretic, draining, ernegizing and poor in calories.

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I must confess that I’m not a huge grapefruit fan, I always thought it tasted too bitter. I decided to accept to receive this box because I thought that maybe it was about time to learn to like grapefruits and to complete my « Bon appétit! » category. Here are some suggestions to savor grapefruits at any time of the day and brighten up your winter.


If you like grapefruits, you can eat Florida grapefruit on its own without adding any sugar because it’s the more sweetened grapefruit. Like I told you I’m not a big fan of grapefruits but it’s true that this one is far more sweet that what I could remember. However I personnaly still can’t eat grapefruit on its own (I know I’m a liar).

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If like me you prefer to drink it, you can mix 2 oranges, 1/4 of lemon and a piece of ginger to make it the perfect anti-cellulitis drink! It was exactly what I needed before going to Mauritius because I wasn’t ready for the bikini test since I’ve been eating raclettes all winter long.




However if there’s one thing I particulary love is to eat sour/sweet. I even took the bad habbit of adding dried grapes everywhere. We prepared a sour/sweet salad with grapefruit, salad, feta cheese, avocado, shrimps, carrots, pomegranate, seeds, dried grapes, the whole sprinkled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It might be the recipe that reconciled me with grapefruits!

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Here is a 2d presentation, thank you to the Boyfriend and Mum-in-law for it!

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For snack it’s easy, you just need yoghurt or cottage cheese, some pomegranate seeds and few slices of grapefruit and voilà! I also added one drop of vanilla extract. Simple but very good!

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Finally, to end the day let’s prepare a salad with chicken, black rice, pomegranate, peas, carotts, feta cheese, coriander, seeds and arills of dried pomegranates.

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I’m sure that with this type of diet you will be in good shape for the rest of winter! You can find Florida grapefruits from November to April in almost every food shops. What about you? How do you like to eat your grapefruits? I wouldn’t say no to some new recipe ideas.  Let’s say that warmer weather is not that far away anymore…

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