A summer in the countryside

blogDSCF9848Summer means…collecting fruits, making pies, an afternoon nap in a wheat field, a straw hat flying in the wind, a fresh homemade lemonade, a bouquet of wild flowers, hot weather, light clothes, sleeping late, high in vitamin breakfasts, citrus colours and  a tanned complexion (well as you can see on the pictures, it’s not true yet).blogDSC_0602 blogDSCF9718 blogDSCF9747 blogDSCF9754blogDSCF9804blogDSCF9820blogDSCF9821 blogDSCF9828blogDSCF9825 blogDSC_0435 blogDSCF9844blogDSCF9846 blogDSCF9831 blogDSCF9872blogDSCF9887blogDSCF9905blogDSCF9907blogDSCF9913On Instagram, summer is also this :

I’m off to Bonifacio (Corsica), I really need it. We will meet back here on the blog in September tanned, rested and motivated. In the meantime, you can follow my Corsican adventures on IG or on FB.  And you, what did you plan for the summer ?blogDSC_0412-(2) blogDSC_0450(due to the difference of tanning, these 2 last pictures obviously haven’t been taken this year hi hi)

blogDSCF9923Happy summer to you my friends !


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