Parisian Street food #1


If you want a snack and you don’t have a lot of time, you don’t need to run to McDonald’s… You can find everything in Paris : if you are just a little hungry or very hungry, if you want to eat something savoury, spicy, sweet… Snack smart !

Le Petit Cambodge :

Let’s start by savoury food and more precisely by Asian cuisine with Le petit Cambodge. The name isn’t very accurate because it is actually a Vietnamese restaurant of bo buns. A bo bun is a Vietnamese spicy soup with noodles of soy, beef, fresh mint, coriander, unsalted crushed peanuts … Trust me it is just delicious !


To drink, let me recommend the ginger and mint lemonade which is perfect with the bo bun. I know that they don’t seem to go together but try it and you’ll see !

Apart from the food, I love the industrial design, the staff is adorable and the prices are so low : 13€ for a bo bun which is very big as you can see !

blogIMG_3759 blogDSCF2656


You can also take away and eat on the banks of the canal Saint Martin which is very close :)

Le Petit Cambodge 20 rue Alibert 75010 PARIS

Higuma :

Let’s continue with Asian cuisine but Japanese this time at Higuma, Jasmine‘s favorite “canteen”. From the outside the place looks just like every Japanese restaurants and even like a canteen but the food is very good. Following Jasmine’s advice, I ate amazing gyozas and « yakinikudon » : big bowl of rice with minced beef, sautéed pinions and Japanese sauce. Here again the servings are generous !

blogDSCF3791 blogDSCF3796 blogDSCF3798

I met Jasmine thanks to Instagram. I couldn’t have guessed 1 year ago that I would have made friends on Instagram !

HIGUMA 32 bis rue Saint-Anne 75001 PARIS

Just next door, I would also recommend you the delicious Japanese restaurant Hokkaido : 14 rue Chabanais 75002 PARIS.

L’as du fallafel :

Time to eat some fallafels now, you know these spicy chickpea balls which are wrapped in flat bread along with tomatoes and tachina sesame sauce. Where can you eat good fallafels ? Rue des Rosiers of course ! However this street is full of them so how can you choose the best ones… Chez Marianne ? Mi-va-mi ? For me it is still L’As du falafel (it ‘s recommended by Lenny Kravitz himself :p). Don’t be afraid of the queue outside, it is always like that no matter the hour but it is quite quick. Take away is better, it is nicer to eat it outside sitting on the sidewalk, I’m serious. :)


Be careful, it is of course closed on Saturday for shabbat.

L’AS DU FALLAFEL 34 rue des Rosiers 75004 PARIS

If you go to Rue des Rosiers, you can try the boulangeries as well that are also very good.

blogDSCF1129 blogDSCF1133

Cantine California :

I fell by chance last weekend on the Cantine California parked just right in front of the marché Saint-Honoré. This food truck serves burgers and tacos made with bio French certified products . I chose chicken tacos with fries (the fries were to die for !) and my boyfriend took pork tacos with beans.

blogDSCF4567 blogDSCF4565

It was my first food truck but Le camion qui fume is already on my list, what about you ?

La Mosaïque (Pat’s hot dog) :

After tacos, hot dogs ! Here they are at 3€ and there are 3 kinds : TexMex, US and Alsacien.


LA MOSAIQUE – PAT’S HOT DOG 56 rue du Roi de Sicile 75004 PARIS

Comme à Lisbonne :

It’s probably time for dessert. Just in front of La Mosaïque there is Comme à Lisbonne, the unavoidable place for people who love pastéis de nata. For those who don’t know, they are a specialty from Portugal : small cream-filled tarts that you eat with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

blogDSCF1148 blogDSCF1151 blogDSCF1150blog6b42617ad8c411e1a73722000a1e8a9f_7

COMME A LISBONNE 37 rue du Roi de Sicile 75004 PARIS

L’éclair de génie :

Are you still hungry ? Let’s have the best éclairs of Paris at L’éclair de génie. Here éclairs are masterpieces signed by Christophe Adam.

blogIMG_3254 blogIMG_3263

This one is made with pistachio ganache, strawberries and biscuit soaked in orange blossom. Paradise in your mouth !

L’ECLAIR DE GENIE 14 rue Pavée 75004 PARIS

I can feel that you are close to having an indigestion but let me give you one final address before unbuttoning your pants. :)

Odette :

To have delicious choux à la crème you have to go to Odette. Several flavors exist : vanilla, chocolate, pistachio, coffee, green tea, salted caramel, lemon, berries and praline. You can either take away or have them with a good cup of hot chocolate in the tea room upstairs.


blogDSCF4530 blogDSCF4531

ODETTE 77 rue Galande 75005 PARIS

You can breathe, gastronomic orgy is over ! You can find a lot of these addresses in this awesome book which is my bible : « Street food » available here.


Have a good digestion and see you soon for the 2nd round ! :)


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