Rustic wedding in La Creuse


On March 89 I was having a fake cup of tea in a colourful plastic cup with my friend Popo.On the 18th of July 2015 I was her bridesmaid for her wedding. Who would have thought this would happen? Since 89 I moved 5 times so we have not been neighbors for a long time, we don’t have the same friends anymore and we don’t see each other very often but despite that we never lost sight. I was very moved when she asked me to be part of her bridesmaids, what a wonderful proof of frienship!

Pauline et Aurélie

100% rustic:

It was the 1st time that I attended a wedding from someone close because nobody gets married around me so I knew this would be a day that will remain engraved in my memory and I was right.

The whole day was magical, pure emotions in an exceptional place with a beautiful bride wearing a stunning dress made by the talented Violette Tannenbaum! Yes I know I am not selfish with compliments but trust me I’m not exaggerating.

We attended a rustic wedding we all dream of. Where? In the Creuse department and I can already hear the negative comments from here : “there are more cows than inhabitants”, or “it’s the arse of the world”… but it also means no traffic jams, no pollution, a feeling of freedom, serenity and picturesque landscapes so “Vive la Creuse”! It’s also the best place to organize a perfect rustic wedding.

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Showring lavender on newlyweds as they left the church


Pot for the honeymoon.

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“Just married” M&M’s as wedding favors.

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The princess :

Like I told you, the bride was wearing a dress designed by Violette Tannenbaum and her golden-fingers, a mix of class, simplicity and delicacy.

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My bridesmaid’s outfit :

As for me I was wearing a Claudie Pierlot mint dress that I fell in love with as soon as I saw the the back with the bow, beautiful Sézane floral shoes, a Sixième Gauche clutch entirely hand-embroidered by Indian craftsmen and a fine flower crown made by Arum Ver’tige. For the jewels: a Satellite necklace and a bracelet made by my mother-in-law with a Chanel vintage button.

blogDSCF8492 blogIMG_0335 blogIMG_0333 blogDSCF8552blogIMG_0353

Exceptional place:

The night before the D day, the bride slept in a charming country cottage, in its garden there were chickens and roosters running among dogs, cats, rabbits and goats, a happy poultry yard in an haven of peace! The tone has been already set!

blogDSCF8539 blogDSCF8540 blogDSCF8546 blogDSCF8547

Veï-Lou-Quéri –  3 route du Geay – 23220 MOUTIER-MALCARD

Festivities began in the town hall, followed by a ceremony at the Moutier-Malcard church followed by the reception and dinner at the castle of Les Dryades in Pouligny Notre Dame. We were lucky enough to sleep in this wonderful castle after dancing all night long. What a blast!

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Château Les Dryades – Impasse du Manoir – 36160 POULIGNY-NOTRE-DAME

It was a beautiful day where the key word was love. It was so nice to see all their families and friends reunited, to hear the moving and funny speeches of the parents, to see the bride’s grandma looking at the groom with so much love… But the most beautiful gift was seeing in the bride’s eyes that she was having an unforgettable day which even exceeded her expectations!

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These 2 pictures have been taken by Brian Ravaux.

A day full of champagne, emotion, laugh and love!I’m so happy and proud to have been chosen to attend the first day of the rest of their life.

Long live the newlyweds, I wish you all the happiness in the world!


P.S. even though I’m not leaving for the holidays yet the blog will take a break in August because I don’t think a lot of you continue to read blogs during summer but don’t worry I will still be pretty active on Instagram, Facebook and snapchat under the name “aurelieflaneuse“. Happy summery strolls my friends!


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