Matrimonio al lago

blogDSCF1267Let’s go back to my summer holidays. Like I said in a previous post, after Corsica we went to Milan to my family-in-law’s because the Boyfriend and I were invited to a wedding on Orta lake.

A wedding finally! All of my friends have decided to not get married (usually this is when they tell me “If you want a wedding, why don’t you get married?” But this is another story…).

I’m starting to be very familiar with Italy but I’ve never been to this lake so I was even happier to be going there.blogDSCF1119After an hour-drive from Milan we arrived at Pettenasco  in this charming hotel we rented for the night.blogDSCF1135 blogDSCF1141Despite the cloudy weather we enjoyed the spectacular view on the lake and the calm and pleasant atmosphere.blogDSCF1126 blogDSCF1145 blogDSCF1131The hotel’s terrace was very nice : big and full of plants.blogDSCF1124 blogDSCF1123 blogDSCF1122 blogDSCF1412It was time to change ourselves for the wedding.

I took this opportunity to put on my favorite dress from Gérard Darel. It’s 100% silk so you cannot find anything softer and more confortable to wear and I love so much all its details :  the décolleté on the back, the neck embellished with black pearls and the flowers are as delicates as they were hand painted. It was perfect with my vintage clutch bag and my Zara heels. blogDSCF1274 blogDSCF1284 blogDSCF1283Time to go to the church now, let’s the ceremony begin !blogDSCF1150 blogDSCF1164 blogDSCF1270

We arrived at the church in the sizzling heat and I don’t need to tell you how excited I was when I saw these tiles !blogDSCF1163 blogDSCF1176 blogDSCF1172It was a wonderful ceremony sober and chic with a beautiful bride, adorable maids of honor and a splendid old car like I love.blogDSCF1336 blogDSCF1334 blogDSCF1173 blogDSCF1244 blogDSCF1249 blogDSCF1255 blogDSCF1265The day went on in a nice place near the lake where an ice cream truck was waiting for us and a girl doing caricatures.  blogDSCF1287 blogDSCF1303(I’m the caricature on the left hi hi)blogDSCF1307 blogDSCF1338 blogDSCF1340 blogDSCF1341 blogDSCF1343And no need to tell you how amazing the food was. There was all the best food of Italy !blogDSCF1356 blogDSCF1388The next morning we had breakfast on the hotel’s terrace with still a cloudy sky but with with a calm and serene atmosphere and precious memories to take home.blogDSCF1398 blogDSCF1415 blogDSCF1424blogDSCF1418Back to Milan I’ve discovered 2 shops that deserve to be in my Milan city guide.blogDSCF1437First of all 10 Corso Como which kinda is like the Merci shop in Paris. An amazing concept store as beautiful inside as on the outside with a design and cosy bar. blogDSCF1453 blogDSCF1454 blogDSCF1455And when you’re going out, don’t miss this incredible wall !blogDSCF146110 Corso Como – Corso Como, 10, 20154 MILANO

Finally High Tech, the little brother of Cargo, a lot smaller but easier to get to because it’s in the center of Milan and you are certain to find something to buy. blogDSCF1464High Tech - Piazza XXV Aprile 12, 20124 MILANO

What amazing summer holidays I had this year again, full of discoveries, relaxation and love.blogDSCF1451

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