Smile, you’re in Mauritius!


This time, I’m actually taking you to a sunny place because we are flying to Mauritius, lets go! 

A few weeks ago I had the amazing chance to be invited by Vacances Transat to spend 4 days in Mauritius, can you believe it?! Not that I want to make you jealous but when they told me I was shaking with excitement, I couldn’t believe it, it was so crazy! I’m fully aware that all of this happens because of you so thank you for all your support and for being more and more to follow my strolls here on the blog but also on Facebook, on IG and now on Snapchat (under the name “aurelieflaneuse”). A big thank to you my stroller friends, without you, none of this would be possible!

So I met Hana, Osmany, Camille and our 2 lovely guides Emeline and Laure at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris where we took an Air Austral plane to Mauritius with a layover at Reunion Island. We only stayed there for 4h so it was pretty fast but it was long enough for me to fall in love with this emerald! There’s green everywhere with waterfalls with names like “the bride’s wedding veil” or “pisse en l’air” which literally means in French “piss into the air”. I so want to go back to see more of this magical island!


the Cirque of Salazie, the green lung of the island

blogDSCF1730 blogDSCF1748 blogDSCF1749 blogDSCF1752 blogDSCF1761

We even had time to have lunch on the island and taste a “gratin de chouchou”, the favorite vegetables of Reunion people. It was delicious!


Then, we took another Air Austral plane but smaller this time (for Hana’s delight and her love of planes ah ah) to our final destination: Mauritius here we come!


We were warmly welcomed with fresh homemade lemonades at The Ravenala Attitude Hotel which is located on the north east coast of the island. The temperature was about 27°C with a humidity of 80%, goodbye hairdo! But it was so amazing to live a few days of summer in the middle of February. Like I told you in the previous post, it was my 1st time travelling to a sunny place during the winter and it felt so good even if it was far more less fun on the way back.

This 4 stars hotel has been renovated in 2015 so it’s brand new and ideally located in the middle of luxurious gardens and bordered by a beautiful beach on one side and the Citron river on the other side. If the Indian ocean and the river are not enough for you, you can enjoy the 1000 m2 swimming pool. What else?

blogDSCF2089 blogDSCF1942 blogDSCF2011 blogDSCF1785 blogDSCF1787 blogDSCF1788 blogDSCF2088 blogDSCF1799

Dabbling in the water makes you hungry and fortunately  you have the choice between 10 different restaurant inside the hotel for a true culinary journey! We ate very well in the 3 restaurants we went and what’s amazing is that each and everyone of them has their own identity, atmosphere and cuisine and the interior design is always beautiful.

blogDSCF1803 blogDSCF1802 blogDSCF2020

Please don’t try to be a hero by saying to a Mauritian that you like spicy food, you’ll regret it! ;)

blogDSCF2063 blogDSCF2065 blogDSCF2069 blogDSCF2070 blogDSCF2074

And now let’s talk about my bedroom which was bigger than my apartment. I loved the decoration which was pure and exotic at the same time.


My room was in the little house on the right

blogDSCF1811 blogDSCF1815 blogDSCF2022

And this is the view form my balcony!


Let’s continue the visit with the spa where I had the opportunity to have a treatment for my sunburns. It wasn’t very sunny during these few days but only a few hours on the boat with the sun was more than enough. We all know a girl who says “I tan easily, I never get sunburnt. I’m a bit red now but it will turn into a tan, you’ll see”. And then the next day she’s even more red than the day before… Well, that girl is me… Wearing my backpack was so painful but I know I won’t manage to make you feel sorry for me, you jealous people! :)

blogDSCF2055 blogDSCF2057 blogDSCF2060

The decoration of the rest of the hotel was designed by a French architecte who lives in Vietnam (if I’m not mistaken). And if you love a piece of the decoration, no need to ask where you can get it, everything has been made in Mauritius. I know because I asked it for the tropical cushions, I wish I could have came back in France with.

blogDSCF1805blogDSCF1801 blogDSCF1807 blogDSCF1938 blogDSCF2093

Finally, a lot of activities are proposed by the hotel. We had an induction course of sega, a traditional dance after drinking 4 different rums, it helps to make you feel more “at ease”… liquid courage :)

blogDSCF1954 blogDSCF1960

this picture above has been taken by Osmany


The Ravenala Attitude Hotel – Turtle Bay – Balaclava – MAURICE

See you next Friday for a second slice of sun with the discovery of one of the most beautiful botanic garden in the world, a cruise in a catamaran, some sugar canes cutting, a stroll in Port-Louis souk and the visit of an Indian temple. See you there!



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