My Little adventure

blogDSCF4311Last year I invited you to visit the offices of My Little Paris (you can read again the post here). Since then, I had the opportunity to go back 3 times : the first time was for the launching of the box in collaboration with the French blogger Make My Lemonade, the 2nd for a super shooting for My Little Superbox (box of this month) and the 3rd one for a private dinner between friends. I never get tired of it, I fall in love with the place every time I go.

My Little Super Box :

For those who have subscribed to My Little Box, you might have recognized me in the My Little World of this month because I had the chance of being photographed with 9 other super Instagram girls. It’s time to show off! :)



It is so weird to see my face in a magazine but I am kind of proud. I like the result because it looks fun which is a good thing considering the fact that I am not comfortable at all in front of a camera. I would have never been able to be a fashion blogger… Anyway, it really was a fun experience, I’m happy I did it!

With our pictures, there were supposed to be short interviews but there was not enough space so they decided to cut it out. Here is mine:

Instagramer form:

Name: o_reilly_s

Her super power: showing us that strolling should be a national sport

Leitmotiv: « To err is human, to loaf is Parisian. » (Victor Hugo)

Her sworn enemy: lack of curiosity and boredom that she fights regularly by stopping at nothing to discover Paris and its hidden gems. Being reprimanded by the residents when she dares to venture in private courtyards doesn’t scare her!

Her kryptonite: her camera in hand, she is shooting faster than her shadow without even looking where she sets foot even if it means tearing up her pants by straddling the fence … Old Fiat 500 drive her crazy!

Follow her on:



I almost never post pictures of me, least of all close-up pictures like these ones but I had to get out my comfort zone to show you this fun photo shoot. Do you like it?

My Little Dinner:

Thanks to this picture I won a private dinner for 4 people in the My Little Paris offices cooked by their chef Marion Proust. She is not only the My Little Paris chef, she is also a home-based chef. For this special event, I invited Pauline (my childhood friend), Jasmine and Hana. We were greeted like princesses and ate divinely!

blogDSC_0634 blogDSC_0636blogunnamed

On the menu: we started with a purple artichoke, Parma ham, Parmesan and parsley.


We continued with cod-fish loin, lobster sauce and mashed potatoes, so delicious!


To bring the evening to a wonderful close, we had a citrus millefeuille.


In a few words, we had a wonderful evening in the company of the adorable Marion!

My Little office:

And of course like I told you even though it was not the first time I came, I couldn’t prevent myself from taking pictures of these inspiring offices again. I know, everyone would like to work or even live in a place like this but let’s be more realistic and let’s just get inspired by this amazing interior decoration!

blogDSC_0590 blogDSC_0591 blogDSC_0594 blogDSC_0596 blogDSC_0597 blogDSC_0599 blogDSC_0602blogDSC_0605 blogDSC_0607 blogDSC_0609 blogDSC_0610 blogDSC_0617 blogDSC_0618 blogDSC_0619 blogDSC_0620blogDSC_0621 blogDSC_0627 blogDSC_0628 blogDSC_0630 blogDSC_0639 blogDSC_0647

My Little adventure is not over because Anne and I are leaving soon for a weekend thanks to My Little Paris! To be continued…


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