USA east coast #2 : New Haven & Newport


After NYC, let’s go to the 2nd part of our trip: New England!

We were mainly in USA to visit the Boyfriend’s family but we took this opportunity to spend a few days in this area that both of us we didn’t know. To select the cities to visit was a tough choice because we didn’t have a lot of time and we wanted to see them all but we finally decided to go to New Haven, Newport, Marth’as Vineyard island and Boston (it was my 2nd time in Boston but I liked it so much the 1st time that I wanted to take the Boyfriend  since he had never been there). Thank you to Mathilde who gave us valuable advice, if you’re planning a trip to New England you have to go on her blog which is a gold mine! She also worked on the guide vert Michelin which was very useful to us.


For those who missed the 2 first episodes (you can read it again here and here), we spent 3 days in NYC and there we rented a car for our little road trip. We originally planned to rent a standard car but the Boyfriend allowed himself to be persuaded to take a HUGE pick up! He tried to make me believe that it was the guy from the car rental’s fault after admitting that he just thought it could be fun. I must admit that even I had a blast.


New Haven :

We stayed a very short time in New Haven because we just wanted to visit Yale University but the weather was so bad that we just took a few pictures of the university and the houses around before going to taste the « best pizza in America » at Frank Pepe. Of course it was good but the Boyfriend is Italian so you can easily imagine that it wasn’t the best pizza I ever had.

blogIMG_0853 blogIMG_0878 blogIMG_0886 blogIMG_0893 blogIMG_0850

Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana - 157 Wooster St, New Haven, CT 06511, États-Unis

Newport :

Then we took the road to Newport where we stayed in an amazing Airbnb in a beautiful Victorian’s house located at only 10 minutes walk from the sea. I loved the decoration, a combination of antique and nautical.


Isn’t it beautiful? And the breakfast was so good, everything was homemade!


Above you can see our lovely room. I strongly recommend you this charming bed & breakfast where we wish we could have stayed longer.

blogDSCF4710 blogIMG_0960

Marshall Slocum Inn – 29 Kay St, Newport, RI

For lunch we tried of course the local dish: the  lobsters roll (a lobster sandwich) at the Lobster Bar. It’s the 1st time I had one so of course I cannot compare but it was really good (the nautical bracelet that you can see on my wrist is a KJP, a Rhode Island brand) !


Lobster Bar – 31 Bowen’s Wharf | Newport, RI

Now let’s have a look at the city, what a cute city! I absoluty fell in love with all these colored house fronts, these doors adorned with wreaths and fun doorknokers like anchors, pineapples or whales… Did you know that pineapple is the symbol of friendship and hospitality?

blogDSCF4762 blogDSCF4754 blogDSCF4721 blogDSCF4719 blogDSCF4765 blogDSCF4759 blogDSCF4724 blogDSCF4746 blogDSCF4745 blogDSCF4741 blogDSCF4760

The harbour is also quite cute with these nice wooden houses and these cute fishing huts.

blogDSCF4732 blogIMG_0989 blogIMG_1006 blogIMG_0985 blogDSCF4801

We were already pretty in love with the region after this 1 day in New England so we couldn’t wait to be in Martha’s Vineyard because it’s a popular destination for the beauty of the landscapes and for the chic summer residences.

If you go to Newport, don’t forget to visit the mansions, they are private mansions of rich XIXth century businessmen. We didn’t had time to visit one but it seems that it’s worth seeing. We definitely have to come back to see them and enjoy the city without rain.


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