Bucolic Paris #3 : le Marais


As you might have understood by now, Le Marais is my favorite part of the city for its shops, its restaurants, coffee shops  etc. But if I like it that much it’s also for its priceless bucolic side. Here is an overview of the parks and garden I like to stroll in.

Jardin de l’Hôtel Donon :

It’s a private mansion dating back to the end of the XVIth century that since 1990 is housing  the Cognacq-Jay Museum (art collection acquired by Ernest Cognacq, the founder of the department store La Samaritaine). Unfortunately, the garden is closed to the public so you can only catch a glimpse of it through the gates.blogDSCF86669 rue Payenne – 75003 PARIS

Jardin de l’Hôtel Lamoignon :

It’s also a private mansion but in this case it’s housing the historical library of the city. During summer, this garden is swamped by picnickers. In the evening, the small spheres scattered on the grass glow bright.blogDSCF864824 rue Pavée – 75003 PARIS

Jardin du centre culturel suédois :

This wonderful private mansion hosts the Swedish Cultural Center (the only one that exists abroad) where there hold exhibitions, concerts, literary encounters, Swedish lessons… There is also a Swedish coffee shop where you can enjoy delicious kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon buns) and this lovely garden open to the public.blogDSCF750611 rue Payenne – 75003 PARIS

Jardin des Rosiers :

This is one of the most secret gardens of Le Marais because you have to go through the Maison de l’Europe (an association which trains and informs about European citizenship). For now, it’s only a patch of lawn with a playground for children but they are currently expanding.blogDSCF859735 rue des Francs-Bourgeois – 75004 PARIS

Jardin du musée Carnavalet :

Don’t hesitate to go inside the Carnavalet Museum entrance hall to go to the garden but don’t worry you won’t have to pay the museum entrance. This quiet « jardin à la française » is the perfect place to read on a bench in the sun.blogDSCF8650 blogDSCF8651 blogDSCF8652 blogDSCF8656 blogDSCF866216 rue des Francs-Bourgeois 75003 PARIS

Square Louis XIII (place des Vosges) :

This is one of the famous squares in Paris. The Square Louis XIII is in the center of Place des Vosges surrounded by trees and 4 fountains on the lawn. It’s one of the oldest squares of Paris and the biggest of the 4th arrondissement (12 700 m2).blogDSCF8618 blogDSCF8619 blogDSCF862030 place des Vosges – 75004 PARIS

Jardin de l’hôtel de Sully :

From a small door on Place des Vosges you can access this charming place connecting place des Vosges to rue St Antoine. Here you can find an orangery, a garden, a main building and a courtyard. Even though I know this place well, I still am so overwhelmed by so much beauty when I pass through the door !blogDSCF8628Le Petit Sully (orangery)blogDSCF8629 blogDSCF8630the rear facadeblogDSCF8631 blogDSCF8633 blogDSCF8634 blogDSCF8645the main building

62 rue Saint Antoine – 75004 PARIS

Square du Temple :

It is one of the biggest squares of Le Marais located in front of the Town Hall of the 3rd arrondissement. The best way to enjoy it is to go buy a coffee or a patisserie at The Broken Arm right next door and to come here to savor them, on a bench in front of the pond before strolling in the botanical garden and go do some shopping for home decoration at nordBØ‘s.blogDSCF644264 rue de Bretagne – 75003 PARIS

Square Georges Cain :

It’s a small square but pretty unusual because there are scattered monuments of Paris History like this piece of the Palais des Tuileries pediment blackened by the fire that destroyed it.

A bonus for geeks: the free wifi connection. :)blogDSCF8670 blogDSCF86738 rue Payenne – 75003 PARIS

Square Leopold Achille :

Nearby you can also find the Léopold Achille square which also benefits from the free wifi connection  but it’s a lot bigger than the previous one and therefore it’s a lot less calm.blogDSCF8676 blogDSCF86825 rue du Parc Royal – 75003 PARIS 

Jardin des archives nationales :

At last but not least, the National Archives garden open to the public only since 2011 (it had been closed the day after the bombings in 1995. This 8000 m2 garden is actually un ensemble of private mansion gardens  (jardin de Rohan, jardin de Fontenay, jardin d’Assy, jardin de Jaucourt…). You can  access it by rue des Quatre-Fils or by The Hôtel de Soubise (government archives Museum).blogDSCF8558 blogDSCF8559Hôtel de SoubiseblogDSCF8823 blogDSCF8827 blogDSCF8832 blogDSCF8562blogDSCF8583Hôtel d’AssyblogDSCF8567 blogDSCF8576blogDSCF8566Hôtel de BreteuilblogDSCF8568Hôtel de FontenayblogDSCF8573blogDSCF8569Hôtel de Jaucourt

5 rue du Parc Royal – 75003 PARIS

I hope you liked strolling with me in these gardens. Did you already knew them and which one do you prefer ?blogDSCF8704


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