Parisian ride in a 2CV


You know how much I love old cars and Paris so when Paris Authentic contacted me for a ride in Paris in a 2CV I literally jumped of joy !

With Paris Authentic you can visit Paris in the famous Citroën :  the 2CV or “deudeuche” for those in the know, a fun way to discover the city. I could come with 2 friends so I decided to go with my 2 favorite “adopted Parisians” :  Jasmine et Hana !blogDSCF1776We climbed on board this adorable adorable 2CV (its name was Edith actually ah ah) with our very friendly driver Arno.blogDSCF1805 blogDSCF1806 blogDSCF1809 blogDSCF1807blogDSCF1872

Everyone put his seatbelt on ? Perfect let’s drive for 2 hours in the streets of Paris under this beautiful sun ! We were so lucky to do it during Indian summer (27 degrees Celsius mid-september is very unusual in Paris). We were able to ride with the top down and our hair blowing in the wind, things couldn’t be better.blogDSCF1775 blogDSCF1777We left from Place de la Bastille (11e arrondissement) to reach the Great Mosque of Paris (5e arrondissement). If you have the occasion, go inside, it’s really beautiful but of course be careful with what you’re wearing, don’t go with a pair of shorts or a mini skirt. blogDSCF1789 blogDSCF1790You can also go to the tea room on the other side, sit in a beautiful patio full of flowers and enjoy some delicious oriental pastries with a good mint tea.

Edith (remember, it’s the name of the car) took us then to the Place de la Contrescarpe (5e arrondissement) and the famous Rue Mouffetard (one of the oldest streets of Paris) where you can find so many cute restaurants.blogDSCF1791 blogDSCF1795From there we went to the Butte aux Cailles area (13e arrondissement) and specifically to the “Small Alsace” on rue Daviel. Isn’t it amazing to see these timbered houses in the middle of Paris like in Alsace ? Don’t worry, I’ll show you more about this area in the future because it deserves more than just a few lines. blogDSCF1802Close from here there is another unusual place : la Cité Florale (13e arrondissement) which should not be confused with la Cité des fleurs I’ve talked to you about in a previous post.

This small residential area is made up of cute little houses with gardens and all the streets have flower names like “rue des Glycines ” (Wisteria lane), “rue des Iris” or “rue des Orchidées” (Orchid Street)… A true little jewel ! You can reach it by the streets Brillat-Savarin and Auguste-Lançon.blogDSCF1812 blogDSCF1814 blogDSCF1817 blogDSCF1819 blogDSCF1822 blogDSCF1825 blogDSCF1828 blogDSCF1829 blogDSCF1831We continued on the road of unusual Parisian places with the Square Montsouris (14e arrondissement) but here again I’ll talk to you about it later because I’ve already taken some pictures for a proper post. blogDSCF1844 blogDSCF1845To finish, back to basics because we also love the famous monuments that make Paris so famous like Invalides (7e arrondissement), the Eiffel Tower (8e arrondissement), l’Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées and the Petit and Grand Palais.blogDSCF1854 blogDSCF1866 blogDSCF1870 blogDSCF1875 blogDSCF1877This drive in a 2CV was fantastic, we had so much fun with the girls under the amused eyes of tourists and the blasé look of Parisians. Anyway, I will always be a tourist in Paris even if I’m a Parisian because I will never be able to stop taking pictures every 2 minutes and I will always be amazed by such a beautiful city. blogDSCF1835 blogP1030132 blogP1030139

The tour is not over, jump in !

Thanks again to Paris Authentic, Arno and of course Edith for this unforgettable memory ! :DblogDSCF1905

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Je vous souhaite déjà un bon weekend à tous et toutes car je repars en Italie (oui encore !) mais sur la côte Amalfitaine cette fois.  Ciao ciao !



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