I’ve discovered 2 nice places where you can have a break with good food and a design decoration, a bit like the coffee shops I talked to you about here.


I just discovered this bar 2 weeks ago. Even though I spend most of my weekends strolling in Le Marais, I had never noticed it before. What’s so special about it ? It’s a gourmet bar and a delicatessen shop of local products form France and Italy. The Italian atmosphere is really pleasant (my boyfriend was so happy to speak Italian with the waiters). It’s the ideal spot for a nice chat over a cup of coffee or to meet during the weekend for a brunch or even for a proper meal. I just stopped by for a tea/coffee but I’ve heard that the food is really good so I’ll make sure to come back. blogDSCF4090 blogDSCF4103

Comptoir Gourmet 51 rue du Temple 75002 PARIS


Colorova is my new crush. The very colorful decoration is a radical change to the ones we are used to see in other patisseries. You will notice that the wallpaper is exactly the same as the one in Comptoir Gourmet. :) The pastries are also very colorful and taste like heaven. If you are in a hurry, you can even have them “to go”. However, il you are a coffee lover, this is not the best place for you : they just have Nespresso… but they have really good pressed fruit juices ! :)blogDSCF4193 blogDSCF4202blogDSCF4189 blogDSCF4201 blogDSCF4190blogDSCF4216

Of course, the specialities at Colorova are the pastries. The 2 founders are 2 former students of Ferrandi (the famous cooking school). They offer “traditional” pastries like tiramisu, tarte tatin, cheesecake, St Honoré or even Religieuse but in a more exotic version.

We have tested for you the St Honoré : whipped cream, mango, vanilla, mango confit with combawa and the Religieuse : lemon cream, peppermint with strawberry jam. I would personally recommend you the St Honoré :)

blogDSCF4208 blogDSCF4207

Colorova 47 rue de l’Abbé Grégoire 75006 PARIS

Have you ever been to these 2 places or do you know any others like these ?

P.S. If you have the opportunity, go see the Cartier exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris. You can see it till the 16th of February. You will learn the important role played by the famous jeweller in the history of decorative arts. I saw it and it is dazzling ! You can see some pictures here.

Have a good week my stroller friends !


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