Bucolic Paris #5 : the Rodin museum garden

blogDSCF1962A new bucolic stroll today is waiting for you in a place where art and nature match perfectly: the wonderful garden of the Rodin museum!

This beautiful building is the “hotel Biron”, an hotel particulier built in 1727 where a lot of famous artistes lived like Jean Cocteau, Henri Matisse or Auguste Rodin in 1908.

In 1911, the domain was purchased by the french government . In exchange for the totality of his collections Rodin convinced the Government to transform the hotel Biron into the Rodin museum.

Since this day, l’hôtel Biron houses the Rodin museum and is a classified as a historical monument.blogDSCF1933 blogDSCF1982 blogDSCF1989 blogDSCF1992 blogDSCF1988The museum is surrounded by a 3 hectare garden made of undergrowth, a pond, rose gardens and flowerbeds. You can stroll among the plants, flowers, and trees but also less common, among some of Rodin’s masterpieces like The Burghers of Calais, the Gates of Hell and the famous Thinker:  a real open-air museum! For the anecdote, you can see this garden in the Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris.blogDSCF1983 blogDSCF1935 blogDSCF1940 blogDSCF1941 blogDSCF1945 blogDSCF1991 blogDSCF1993 blogDSCF2001 blogDSCF2004At the entrance of the garden you can admire behind a big bay of windows the marble gallery.blogDSCF1947The garden is split in 2 routes : Orpheus garden both green and stony where you can see “Orpheus imploring the gods” and “the steam garden” bordered by watering places.blogDSCF1970

I took these pictures at the end of September during Indian summer so most of the roses were already dead but if you go at the beginning of summer you will see how romantic it is and how pleasant it is to smell the rose sweet fragrance in the air.blogDSCF2008 blogDSCF2019 blogDSCF2021 blogDSCF2025If you still have time, you can stroll in the Invalides park which is very close by (as you can see on the picture, you can easily see the Invalides from the Rodin garden) and finish by walking on the Alexandre III bridge.bloDSCF1938 blogDSCF1926 blogDSCF2029 blogDSCF2031 blogDSCF2032 blogDSCF2037 blogDSCF2040 blogDSCF2047

Jardin du musée Rodin – 79 rue de Varenne 75007 PARIS

2€, for the garden; 6€ for the garden + the museum

Have a good weekend !


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