The DIY’s fair (“Salon créations & savoir-faire” 2014)

blogDSC_0751Do you remember that one year ago here on the blog, I talked to you about the « Salon Créations & Savoir-faire”a DIY fair? I loved it so much that I decided that it will probably become a can’t-miss event (like “le salon du livre”) so I went back this year for the 2014 edition.

Unfortunately, the camera I usually use is being repaired (remember that it stopped working during my trip in Italy). My mother lent me hers but I didn’t manage to set correctly so I’m very disappointed about the pictures, I’ll try to do better next time.

Here is a picture review of what I liked. Let’s begin with the Marie-Claire Idées stand, very inspiring again this year!blogDSC_0594 blogDSC_0593 blogDSC_0599 blogDSC_0600 blogDSC_0603 blogDSC_0604Marie-Claire Idées

I made a wonderful discovery with Florigami which offers poetic and exotic wildlife origami, displayed under a handmade cloche and butterflies and beetles origami framed like a curiosity cabinet. It’s a good option for those who don’t want to nail dead insects to their walls. On top of that, Floriane, the designer is adorable! This is my favorite stand from this 2014 edition!blogDSC_0643 blogDSC_0647blogDSC_0652Florigami

Let’s continue with the unmissable Fifi Mandirac that I love so much.blogDSC_0657blogDSC_0655 blogDSC_0658Fifi Mandirac

And Adeline Klam that I never miss. I particularly liked this paper bouquet.blogDSC_0681 blogDSC_0684 blogDSC_0686 blogDSC_0689Adeline Klam

I discovered Christel G. Design last year and I was happy to find her again this year, I’m under the spell of those soft colours.blogDSC_0699Christel G. Design

The nice Linna Morata fabricsblogDSC_0696blogDSC_0670

I was looking forward to the inspiration alley that made me dream so much last year. I must say that I was a bit disappointed; it was smaller and less inspirational this year. However, I still liked this :blogDSC_0724 blogDSC_0727Bird’s PartyblogDSC_0728Happily FactoryblogDSC_0760 blogDSC_0743 blogDSC_0744And the wonderful La Fiancée du Panda stand.blogDSC_0746 blogDSC_0747La Fiancée du Panda

There were also a lot of inspirational books displayed.blogDSC_0587 blogDSC_0706And nice Christmas stands (I’m sorry I don’t remember the names).blogDSC_0732 blogDSC_0738blogDSC_0716 blogDSC_0739

To be short, I liked a lot less the fair this year because I had the impression that there were less stands and less inspirational than last year. I hope next year will be as good as last year.

You can see the pictures from last year here.

Did you go and what were the stands you liked?

Have a nice weekend, I’m off to Milan to celebrate my first thanksgiving (even if it’s a day late).

Ciao !


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