Nordic touch in Paris #1

Enough with fashion, get your down jacket on, scarf and gloves, we are leaving for the Far North !


I’ve started to be interested in decoration not such a long time ago. At the begining I was obsessed with the shabby chic style : pastel colours, flowers, bows (exactly like my clothes I must say). Last winter I went to Stockholm for a weekend and I fell in love with Scandinavian design ! I still like shabby chic a lot but I’ll save it for the room in my next appartment and decorate the other rooms with Scandinavian and industrial design. I already have a fairly accurate idea of what I want my next appartment to look like, I “just” need to find it now !

In the meantime I like to stroll in design shops but not just in any shops. Here are 5 of my favourite ones.

Let’s start with a new one which opened 2 weeks ago : MAISON M. The concept ? An interior shop where the collections change according to the month and the desire of the moment, like a monthly magazine.

Maison M : 25 rue de Bourgogne 75007 PARIS (they don’t have a website yet)

COLONEL : It is not very famous even though it deserve to be known because I want to buy everything in it : soft colours, light wood, geometric shapes… Bla bla bla let’s see some pictures :


Colonel : 14 avenue Richerand – 75010 PARIS

Now let’s talk about a most famous shop, probably because it’s much bigger : FLEUX. 3 shops, 350 m2 of heaven. A real Ali Baba cave full of objects by designers from all around the world. Plus, we are always welcomed by the cat Zwicky who became a real mascot. You will always find him sleeping on or under a piece of furniture.


Fleux 39 et 52 rue Sainte Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004 PARIS

THE CONRAN SHOP : The London design store chain has chops in 5 countries. The shop was opened in Paris in 1992 in the historic Bon Marche building, which was designed by Gustave Eiffel. The 2,500sqm shop is arranged over several floors and mezzanines and showcases an eclectic array of furniture and homewares.


The Conran shop – 117 rue du Bac 75007 PARIS

And last but not least : MERCI. I think this is the most famous one for French people and even for foreigners. Even the place is magical because it’s an historic building, which was a wallpaper factory for over 150 years. It extends over more than 1500 sq. m, with a paved courtyard and a spectacular glass roof : three floors where you can find a beauty, a fashion, a home and garden area, without mentioning the café and the restaurant (I will only show you the home space in this article).


Merci - 111 boulevard Beaumarchais 75003 PARIS

Voilà for my selection but of course I didn’t mention them all. If you know some shops like these in Paris, don’t hesitate to give me your addresses by leaving me a comment. I will be more than happy to go see them.

I will show you in another post my favourite girly interior shops.


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