Bucolic Paris #6 : the greenhouses of Auteuil


Here is a new bucolic stroll in Paris in a place that I particularly like because it’s a true exotic experience: the greenhouses of Auteuil.

This garden is located in the Bois de Boulogne, it’s one of the 4 botanic gardens of Paris. It was created in 1761 under the reign of Louis XV.

blogDSCF2166 blogDSCF2167 blogDSCF2168blogDSCF2169blogDSCF2170blogDSCF2171the orangery

Today, this magical garden is composed of a French, an English and a Japanese garden. The garden is very rich because it is embellished by remarkable trees like this cork oak planted in 1895 or this 30 meter high tree of heaven ! There is also a big variety of flowers and the garden is decorated with pieces of art : Rodin mascarons, a fountain adorned with the Bacchanale of Jules Danjou and cast-iron enameled bowls from the XIXth century.

blogDSCF2248 blogDSCF2245 blogDSCF2209 blogDSCF2270blogDSCF2277

But the main attraction is of course the cast-iron greenhouses painted in turquoise.  What an architectural treasure !

blogDSCF2201 blogDSCF2203 blogDSCF2219

What I love the most is to stroll inside the greenhouses where there are more than 6000 plant species presented according to thematic areas. My favorite one is the Palmarium with its birds, its Japanese carps and its atypical plants.

blogDSCF2176 blogDSCF2185blogDSCF2282 blogDSCF2194 blogDSCF2198 blogDSCF2225 blogDSCF2222 blogDSCF2286

For the little story, I spotted one day a group of students working on this table in the middle of the tropical greenhouse. Isn’t it a fun place to study?

blogDSCF2250 blogDSCF2259 blogDSCF2285

This enchanting garden is a true oasis in Paris but unfortunately it is in danger since the Roland Garros extension project involves the destruction of some greenhouses (Roland Garros is just beside it)!!! To save it, please sign the petition here.

blogDSCF2266 blogDSCF2276 blogDSCF2236 blogDSCF2280

Let’s finish this stroll with this short video I made. Have a nice weekend my dear friends !

Serres d’Auteuil – 3 avenue de la Porte d’Auteuil – 75016 PARIS


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