Tea party in Wonderland


I couldn’t resist talking to you about the girly tea party I had last weekend. Most of you have probably already read Daphné’s article about this event. This sweet moment of conviviality combining decoration and bakery was totally in line with this blog spirit.

As you know I’m a big Instagram addict. I’ve always taking pictures of everything so this app was made for me.Like I told you in my last post, I would have never guessed that I would have met people thanks to IG. However I keep meeting new people thanks to it, which impresses me because I’m a shy person usually.blogDSCF4594

Last Sunday we had a big instameet with Angéline, Anne, Morgane, Alice and Daphné at Amélia’s and Paul‘s. We had a tea party (worthy of Alice in Wonderland) to meet in person after writing to each other on IG for a long time.blogDSCF4618

You’re not dreaming, this place is real and decorated entirely by Amélia and Paul.
Let’s not forget the famous ceiling made of paper flowers.blogDSCF4591blogDSCF4579 blogDSCF4570

And do you see these delicious patisseries ? They baked them all ! Hard to imagine a better way to welcome people.

On the menu :blogDSCF4587

No need to tell you how delicious everything was and it was the 1st time I had the opportunity to try handmade calissons !blogDSCF4599 blogDSCF4621blogDSCF4572

blogDSCF4614 blogDSCF4608

In short, decoration, baking and a welcome that reflect well the generosity and creativity of Amélia and Paul (if you organize an event, you can contact them, they are wedding planners, caterers…).blogDSCF4597


A great afternoon spent with lovely people, setting the world to rights a cup of coffee in one hand, a piece of cake in the other.blogDSC_0129

Who said internet couldn’t bring people together ? :)


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