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Last weekend I was invited by The Parisian Kitchen for a cooking class.

You may not know this but I almost never cook, the Boyfriend is such a good cook that I prefer to let him to do it. My talent is not in the kitchen but at the table because I’m a really good eater (I’m a “stomach on legs” remember).  

In a few words, a cooking class is always a good idea for me and I like it even more when you can eat what you cook in a nice apartment with a good bottle of red wine (ok I admit, that’s what made me want to do it at first).

The concept of The Parisian Kitchen is very nice. You just have to go on the website to choose the menu you want to cook. You have the choice between the poultry menu, the fish menu and the red meat menu and then book the date. On D day you will go buy the ingredients at the lovely Lévis market with Bénédicte and then she will bring you into her kitchen in her wonderful Haussman-style apartment for a 2h cooking class. And the best thing is that at the end you will have a nice lunch all together. Look at this flat, isn’t it dreamy?!

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I asked 2 stove pros to come with me: the Boyfriend and Maïa from the blog Petits Beguins. Before moving on to some serious stuff we had a nice cup of tea/coffee to gain strength.

blogDSCF5785 blogDSCF5788

It was then time to work! We peeled, kneeded, mixed, cut, grinded… in a relaxing and joyful atmosphere!

blogDSCF5792 blogDSCF5795 blogDSCF5801 blogDSCF5806 blogDSCF5815 blogDSCF5824 blogDSCF5825 blogDSCF5840 blogDSCF5845 blogDSCF5856 blogDSCF5866 blogDSCF5869 blogDSCF5885

While everything was cooking, we had time to share a nice bottle of champagne (Ruinart is one of the best).  

blogDSCF5899 blogDSCF5921

And then came finally the time to say: « à table »! The table was beautifully set by Bénédicte and she put a gift on every plate: a homemade candle, how sweet!

You can now have a look at what we cooked and then devoured.

blogDSCF5909 blogDSCF5915blogDSCF5926

A traditional cheese soufflé as a starter


We continued with a beef sirloin steak, red wine dressing and caramelized vegetables with some purée.


Some cheese, because in France a meal without cheese is not a proper meal.


To finish,  a delicious tarte tatin!

It was so good! I think I chose cooking enthusiasts so they can counterbalance my lack of culinary skills and it was so nice to get to know better Maïa and to spend some time with The Boyfriend who had a lot of fun. Plus Bénédicte is such a sweet woman, very patient and ready to listen. This was a real success!

If you come to visit Paris, The Parisian Kitchen is the best way to discover the French cuisine in a classy and convivial way and live an authentic Parisian experience!

After this filling lunch washed down with champagne and wine, a digestive stroll in the area was necessary. Bénédicte’s apartment is in the 17th arrondissement, close to parc Monceau (you can read again my post about this area here). I love this neighborhood so much!

blogDSCF5768 blogDSCF5967

Thanks again to Bénédicte (The Parisian Kitchen) for such a lovely experience and I hope you will come visit her for your next French trip.


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