A taste of summer in Nice

eblogDSCF8056Following the disastrous weather in Paris in May, I was in a bad mood and had a lack of vitamin D (and don’t tell me that Paris is even more beautiful under the rain !). That’s why we decided to go to Nice for 4 days.

What a delight to fill your lungs with the clean air of the sea, to listen to the sea waves and to feel the sunshine on your skin with your hair blowing in the wind !blogDSCF7649blogDSCF7654blogDSCF7876Promenade des Anglais

Nice and its colorful buildings are like candy for the eyes. The architecture is a mix of Italian and Haussmanian’s.  I love so much the narrow and winding streets in the old Nice. blogDSCF7636 blogDSCF7732 blogDSCF7843 blogDSCF7922 blogDSCF7741 blogDSCF7753Cours SaleyablogDSCF7775St-Jacques-le-Majeur churchblogDSCF7781 blogDSCF7786old Nice

In Nice there are flowers everywhere : in the parks, on windows, on the terrasses and during summer the whole city is full of Bougainvillea. blogDSCF7747 blogDSCF7700 blogDSCF7923 blogDSCF7928 blogDSCF7724 blogDSCF7921 blogDSCF7924A short break is necessary : a good pan-bagnat and a socca (made with chickpea flour) to satisfy our appetite and the next day we had a “lighter” lunch at Comptoir Quotidien (anciennement Pain Quotidien) without forgetting to pick some fruits at the market Cours Saleya.blogDSCF7792 blogDSCF7913 blogDSCF7917 blogDSCF7918blogDSCF7999Next on the agenda : freshen up on the  Promenade du Paillon, do some shopping around place Masséna, tan on place Garibaldi and an exhibition of nice old cars on the Promenade des Anglais.blogDSCF7865Promenade du PaillonblogDSCF7825place MassénablogDSCF7813place GaribaldiblogDSCF7900Look at this amazing dog I saw : a baby Australian Sheperd, the dog of my dreams ! blogDSCF7942Finally, we went to top of the Colline du Château to admire this amazing view of the city and to stroll in the park to see the flowing waterfall. blogDSCF8020 blogDSCF8032 blogDSCF8039

What I liked the most about this long weekend was to rediscover all the little summer pleasures  :blogDSCF7675to go back to my childhood by playing with pebbles blogDSCF7725ride on a bike next to the seaside blogDSCF8012eat cherries and do seed spitting contest  (the bracelet was handmade by my father-in-law with a boat rope and a small carabiner)blogDSCF7802to devour an ice cram before it melts blogDSCF8062to sip a grenadine or a menthe à l’eaublogDSCF7664(Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes)blogDSCF7678to walk bare-footed  (Intimissimi stripped top, old collection and Repetto ballerinas)blogDSCF7888To smell the sweet fragrance of flowers (Comptoir des Cotonniers dress, old collection)blogDSCF7968 blogDSCF7976To empty your head while looking at the sea and already thinking about your next holidays  (Petit Bateau t-shirt, old collection).

As a bonus, here is a little video I made to dive in. Splash !



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