An authentic journey in the Eure department #1

blogDSC_1086Last weekend I was invited by the Tourist Office of the Eure department to discover this region of the « Haute Normandy » that I didn’t know yet.

We spent such a wonderful weekend the Boyfriend and I visiting the city of Lyons-la-Forêt, a farm and a press room, dining in a delicious bistrot, doing some shopping in nice secondhand stores, strolling through the countryside, meeting nice people, staying in the house of happiness and relaxing in a Nuxe spa… Come live this Normand experience with us!

I took so many pictures that I’ve decided to devote 2 articles to our little trip: the first one about the city of Lyons-la-Forêt and a second one next week about the neighboring villages. Let’s go!

We were very lucky with the weather on Saturday because we had a blue sky with a bright sun the whole day so driving in these conditions was just great!blogDSC_0599 blogDSC_0602It just took us 1h30 from Paris to arrive at Lyons-la-Forêt. What a charming city, it’ easy to understand why it’s listed among the “Loveliest Villages in France”: half-timbered facades, colored cob and red brick, we are clearly in Normandy!blogDSC_1084 blogDSC_1080 blogDSC_1077 blogDSC_0824 blogDSC_0821 blogDSC_0816 blogDSC_0808 blogDSC_0642blogDSC_0632 blogDSC_0629blogDSC_0631 blogDSC_0628On Saturday morning when we arrived we were hungry because we didn’t have time to have breakfast so we entered in the boulangerie on the main square. They recommend us to have their specialty: a puff pastry baguette with salted butter.  It was so good that we quickly forgot about the calories.blogDSC_0656Then, we went to this charming “Boutique des 4 Fermières” to buy cute cards and then to this lovely secondhand store L’Empreinte. We only bought a few things but if we could we would have bought the whole shop!blogDSC_0652 blogDSC_0653La Boutique des 4 Fermières – 5 place Isaac Benserade – 27480 LYONS-LA-FORETblogDSC_1075 blogDSC_0681 blogDSC_0685 blogDSC_0693L’Empreinte – 28 place Isaac Benserade – 27480 LYONS-LA-FORET

I got a glimpse of an old car from far away so you know me, I had to come closer and when I did I discovered another one. Here we are the the Grand Cerf Hôtel & Spa.blogDSC_0619blogDSC_0673 blogDSC_0675We didn’t sleep in the hotel but we were lucky to be able to have dinner at le Bistrot du Grand Cerf, one of their 3 restaurants (they also have a gourmet restaurant: la Licorne Royale and a creperie: les Lions de Beauclerc). And we were not disappointed, on the contrary! First of all, wonderful decoration 100% country-style with deers everywhere and, second of all, amazing food!  We had a delicious mushroom soup, followed by a wild boar sausage with lentils and for dessert a chocolate and chestnut cake.  I’m drooling just by writing it!  blogDSC_0658 blogDSC_0659 blogDSC_0661  blogIMG_0441 blogDSC_0724The least we can say is that with my Le Bazar Exquis deer necklace I truly blended into the scenery.blogDSC_0668Le Bistrot du Grand Cerf - 20 place Isaac Benserade – 27480 LYONS-LA-FORET

I also had the pleasure to spend a delicious relaxing time at the Nuxe spa by splashing around in the pool and then by having a 1h massage in this tree house. I almost fell asleep, it really was magical.  blogDSC_0045 blogDSC_0042Spa Balnéo Nuxe – 20 place Isaac Benserade – 27480 LYONS-LA-FORET

We loved so much strolling in the Normand countryside and its sparkling colors even during the month of December, having contact with the flock, admiring the castles and the abbeys, walking in the corn and beet fields, feel the scent of the forest…the normand air gave us a great lift!blogDSC_0771 blogDSC_0777 blogDSC_0786 blogDSC_0787 blogDSC_0791 blogDSC_0796 blogDSC_0744 blogDSC_1087

In a few words, we were delighted by the charm and the authenticity of Lyons-la-Forêt. We didn’t have that much time to visit the city so we will make sure to come back in Spring. I’d like to thank warmly l’Office de tourisme de l’Eure for this charming journey in the Eure department!

Next week, I will talk to you about the pressroom and the farm we visited but most of all, I will talk to you about the 2 things I loved the most : the meeting with a caring couple and the house of happiness where we slept so stay tuned!

What about you, do you now this region?blogDSC_0798


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