A summer in Provence


It may already fall but here it’s still summer! I’m taking you to Provence where I spent some day with my family in August.

Let’s start first with this video. It’s clearly not my favorite but it gives you a good idea of the atmosphere.

As the years go by, it’s getting harder and harder to go on holidays with the family, which is too bad since this is the time you appreciate spending time with them (it’s usually once you left the house that you can start to get along with your parents). Since my sister, my brother and I left the house since a few years ago, my dad is always looking for an excuse to bring us together and during the summer the best idea is to rent a house in the south. That’s what my parents did and my mother found an amazing Provence house where we wish we could have stayed the whole year!

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Inside, the decoration is a mix of Provence and shabby chic style. It’s very charming!

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During these few days we spent ours days strolling, tanning, reading, eating ice creams, making barbecues and playing “pétanque”. It was even better to do so by the song of crickets (and by the braying of the donkey) and under the shadow of olive trees. What a delight!

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This house is located in Valbonne, a charming typical southern village made of ochre houses, colorful shutters and alleys inhabited by cats basking in the sun.

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Close by don’t miss St Paul-de-Vence, a medieval village as charming but more touristic. Art plays an important part which explains the big number of art galleries on the main streets but of course what I like the most is to get lost in the picturesque alleys nicely enriched with plants and flowers and sun drenched.

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At the end of the day when the sun comes down, if you go out the city, you will be able to have a wonderful view on the town which seems like she’s flaring up.


Next Friday we will go to Corsica where I go every summer for the past 5 years. In the meantime you can read again my post from last year here. Have a nice weekend!


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