Journey through time


We leave the countryside but we stay in a rural atmosphere. Where are we going then ? In Paris, yes yes it’s possible ! Today I’m going to show you a unique place : le passage Lhomme (which was named after the owner). It connects rue de Charonne and avenue Ledru-Rolin. This luscious green and timeless place is far away from the bustle of the city and hidden from the public. To reach it you have to “daringly” push open a private door in rue de Charonne and hope nobody sees you!

DSCF1792 BlogDSCF1833 blogDSCF1832

This picturesque passage was once surrounded by carpentry workshops which have been replaced by those of architects. It seems that here time has stopped : an old toy shop, period front windows and store names.

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Apart from the bicycles and the scooters, the illusion is perfect.

blogDSCF1795 blogDSCF1805 BlogDSCF1816

It makes me think of a poem : “Suspend your trek O Time ! Suspend your flight O favoring hours, and stay. Let us pause, savoring the quick delight that fills the dearest day.” (Alphonse de Lamartime – The Lake)

I don’t know about you but this charm is appeasing me.


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