Green journey around the world


How do you travel the world by just strolling ?

By taking a walk in Albert Kahn’s garden !

But who is this Albert ? (no it’s not Albert the fifth musketeer ahah). In a few words (because I don’t want to bore you too much with History, especially since I hate it) he was a French banker and philanthropist who dedicated his life to the establishment of universal peace (yes that’s right !). That is why he created scholarships around the world and the “Archives of the Planet” a vast photographical project to document cultures around the world. Well, you get the picture…

That’s all very well but what does this have to do with the garden ? He acquired a large property of 4 hectares in Boulogne Billancourt (city close to Paris) to illustrate the utopia of a world reconciled. This unic garden contains a variety of garden styles including French, Japanese, English, a rose garden and a conifer wood.

I think I have awakened your curiosity enough, let’s stroll in this one of a kind garden.

blogDSCF2013 blogDSCF2015

French garden and the rose garden


Vosges forest


English garden

And finally the star of the show : the Japanese garden !

blogDSCF2092 blogDSCF2074

Albert-Kahn, musée et jardin 10-14, rue du Port 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Let’s finish on a more girly note. Here are the boots of my life bought at Milan in the Fratelli Rossetti factory outlet. For my Italian friends here is the address : Spaccio Fratelli Rossetti, (MI) Via Cantù 24 – 20015 – Parabiago.

blogDSCF2029Boots : Fratelli Rossetti (old collection)


Jacket (my favourite) Ralph Lauren purple collection, bought at La Vallée Village Outlet Shopping (old collection); dress : H&M (old collection); necklace : Mam’zelle Pampilles

Have a good Sunday !


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