Willkomen in Switzerland #3 : Luzern


It is about time to close this Swiss chapter with our last stop at Lucerne after Bâle and Zurich. As usual, you will find a video recap at the end. Have a nice tour!

The city:

To finish with Lucerne was the best idea because I would say that it’s a mix of Basel and Zurich, it combines cham and modernity.

The old town :

In the old town you can admire medieval buildings surrounding nice squares. Facades are again very colorful but this time also decorated with beautiful wall frescos painted by famous artists.

On top of that, the city enjoys an amazing location because it is on the shore of the Lake Lucerne and it is nestled at the heart of Swiss Alps which makes it even more picturesque!


Weinmarkt, one of the 4 main squares of the city

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Kornmarkt square

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Don’t miss the mediaval Chapel Bridge (even though it’s impossible to miss it), one of the oldest wooden bridges of Europe which crosses the Reuss river and links the 2 shores that border the old town. It’s the emblem of Lucerne.


Neustadt (the new town) :

Lucerne reconciles tradition and modernity.
Franziska Bründler, lthe founder and director of 2 best brands of design in Switzerland welcomed us in her showroom (Fidea Design) to make us discover the trandy and and stylish facet of the city. The concept of her showroom is moreover very cool because is is furnished as an appartment but everything is for sale and she organizes time to time events like diners so it’s very convivial.

blogDSCF5386 blogDSCF5392 blogDSCF5394 blogDSCF5398 blogDSCF5402

She even made us visit an old swimming pool converted into a bar and a performance hall, such a cool place!

blogDSCF5403 blogDSCF5405

The Rosengart collection:

We went to visit the useum of the Rosengart collection located in the former premises of the Swiss National Bank of Lucerne.This museum was born from Angela Rosengart, the daughter of the art dealer Siegfried Rosengart, making available to the public one of the most beautiful private collection in Europe: along with Picasso (who became a friend) and Paul Klee there are also Cézanne, Monet, Matisse…

Guess who made us visit the museum? Angela Rosengart herself! We were very impressed by this chic lady and mostly when she showed us a portrait of her made by… Picasso!  We were too dazed to speak, it was a truly unique and compelling moment! She even told us stories about Picasso like this one for example : on day her father asked him if he could give him one of his color palette so he can expose it. Picasso laughed and gave him a piece of newspaper… :D

blogDSCF5378 blogDSCF5380

Rosengart collection - Pilatusstrasse 10, CH – 6003 Lucerne

The restaurants:

The Mill’Feuille:

We had a super nice lunch at the Mill’Feuille with our guide from Lucerne and the restaurant manager. The interior decoration is nice, the goof very good and the location on the water’s edge is ideal. It was so perfect that we even came back the next day for a delicious brunch.

blogDSCF5272 blogDSCF5303 blogDSCF5304

When it’s sunny and warm, there’s nothing better than their wonderful terrace.

blogDSCF5271 blogDSCF5307

Mill’Feuille – Mühlenplatz 6, 6004 Lucerne

Helvetia :

It’s at the restaurant Helvetia that we had our last Swiss dinner and we made the most of it by ordering fat meals but it was so good that calories were not an issue. :)

blogDSCF5455 blogDSCF5460

Helvetia – Waldstätterstrasse 9, 6003 Lucerne

The hotel:

We stayed in the luxurious hotel Schweizerhof situated directly next to the lake. The rooms were nicely decorated and very confortable with an amazing view on the lake.

blogDSCF5238 blogDSCF5241 blogDSCF5246

Schweizerhof Lucerne – Schweizerhofquai CH-6002 Lucerne

Mount Rigi:

Lucerne is nestled in an amazing mountain scenery so an excursion on top of the Mt Rigi, one of the most emblematic mountains in Lucerne is required and also a boat tour on the lake to admire the beauty of landscape alongside the lake.  A boat tour and an excursion was part of our program so it was perfect and furthermore the sun was shining, we couldn’t wish for more!

blogDSCF5473 blogDSCF5483 blogDSCF5508 blogDSCF5532 blogDSCF5538 blogDSCF5544

Our boat docked at Viznau port where we catched a train rail to the top of Mt Rigi. Even though Anne and I are brunettes, we didn’t think for a minute that we will find snow so we were wearing basic sneakers (canvas tennis for me). Snow at1797 meters of altitude, how surprising! I know…We walked like pinguins but the spectacular view really worth it!

blogDSCF5562 blogDSCF5571 blogDSCF5592 blogDSCF5641 blogDSCF5645 blogDSCF5651 blog20150406_105801

What a beautiful trip it was, thank you so much to the office of tourisme of Switzerland and My Little Paris for giving us the opportunity to discover such a wonderful country and I’m happy to now count Anne as my friends! Thank you also to all our guides, you’ve been amazing!

Here is the video that I hope will give you an accurate idea of our Swiss weekend (to watch it in HD, click on the star wheel at the bottom right of the video).

Do you like it?

I hope I made you want to visit Switzerland on your own. Among Basel, Zurich and Lucerne, which city attract you the most ?


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