Those of us who are living in île-de-France region are quite lucky because not only we have Paris, one of the most beautiful city in the world, but also because there are so many nice things to see around like Barbizon!

After taking you to Vaux-de-Cernay and Moret-sur-Loing, I’m taking you today near Fontainebleau in a small village called Barbizon where the Boyfriend, Sticky and I strolled during an afternoon.


Barbizon, is only a 45-minute drive from Paris. It’s known as the “painters’ village” because in 1850 it was the hub of pre-impressionnists French painters in lack of inspiration and who wanted to go far away from the city.  I can easily understand them, what an adorable and bucolic village it is!

barbizon1 barbizon barbizon3 barbizon4 barbizon5

Today, Barbizon attacks a lot of impassioned with painting and nature lovers of people like me who like to stroll un quiet and scenic places like this one. Enough has been said, time to simply stroll around.

barbizon6 barbizon7 barbizon8 barbizon9 barbizon10 barbizon11 barbizon13 barbizon14 barbizon16

In Barbizon there are so many amazingly beautiful houses that I couldn’t keep house dreaming and it was painful since we are currently looking to buy our 1st apartment and that it is such a nightmare!

barbizon17 barbizon18 barbizon22 barbizon19 barbizon20 barbizon21

This hotel (hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau) looks amazing, I would have loved to stay there for the night. :) It makes me think of Lyons-la-Forêt.

barbizon15 barbizon23

Hôtellerie du Bas-Bréau – 22 Rue Grande, 77630 Barbizon

barbizon25 barbizon26

And there were times when I had the impression to be back in St Emilion (yes I know, Barbizon reminded me of a lot of places). What a delightful stroll it was!


I strongly recommend you the madeleines of the boulangerie La Galerie des Pains (70 Grande rue). They were so good that as soon as we finished them, we ran back to buy some more.


La Galerie des Pains – 70, Grande Rue 77630 Barbizon


And here is my new favorite outfit for strolling: Faguo’s sneakers and this amazing T-shirt “Flâneuse” (= stroller in French). It’s like it was made for me!

barbizon28 barbizon29

This day we were celebrating the 1st birthday of this little monster. Even if it has not been a smooth ride, we love her so much, she’s now part of the family.


It’s on this epic picture that I’m leaving you. I’m sorry if this post sounds like a lot of rambling but I didn’t had that much to say for once (lazy people here must be happy about it, even if there were still so many pictures, I’m really bad at picking pictures), I just wanted to make you discover this cute village. So who’s going to Barbizon this weekend? :)



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