Fall picking


Two years ago I published my 1st blog post (you can read it again here)! It’s crazy how times goes by so fast!

I’ve started this blog without knowing if I would like to blog and how long I would do it. Two years went by and I still love blogging, maybe I like it even more and I hope you still like to come stroll here. Don’t hesitate to leave me a comment to tell me what are the posts you prefer or what posts you would like me to write about.
It’s not always easy to combine my professional life (I’m a legal counsel for a French company), my personnal life and my virtual life but for now I can more or less handle it and I hope i will be able to keep doing it for a long time! Happy birthday to my blog who is not a baby anymore. :)

In my first post and in this one I made you discover the farmer’s market next to my parent’s (la cueillette du Plessis) where I like so much to go especially during fall. I’m taking you there again to fill up on vegetables to start soup season.

On internet I can read everywhere that fall is the favorite season of bloggers, how awesome it is to be able to roll yourself in a blanket with a tea cup in your hand and bla bla bla. I might disappoint you but I hate fall, you keep getting sick, days are getting shorter and shorter (taking pictures during the week becomes a nightmare when you work in an office all day), I hate wearing layers of clothing  and then to have to undress myself like peeling an opinion (I’m dying of heat every time I’m going inside the metro) and so on and so forth. My only comfort is that I can eat raclette again (if the Boyfriend could express himself here, he will talk to you about the raclette story where I stuffed myself with 10 pieces of cheese with potatoes, meats and tutti quanti, he tells it to everyone) and being able to go to the farmer market for our futur soups.

First destination : apple trees because these apples are nothing like the ones you use to find in supermarkets, they are so juicy!

blogDSCF0134 blogDSCF0149 blogDSCF0143

Always match your nail polish with what you eat : « Big Apple Red » of OPI. I tried the semi permanent nail polish at the Nail Collection salon and it lasted 1 month !


Refrigue puffer vest (old collection)


Petit Bateau cardigan (old collection)


2nd destination : courgettes. Well, we found one so huge that one was more than enough and starting 1kg there’s a fixed price which explains why we paid 1€ for a 3,8kg courgette!!! You should have seen the girl at the cash register where we brought it “But where did you find that?!” It’s a good thing I like courgette because we are gonna eat it for weeks!

blogDSCF0199 blogDSCF0206

Little surprise: the last strawberries of the season were still delicious!

blogDSCF0187 blogDSCF0189

Last destination: cucurbits of course!

blogDSCF0133 blogDSCF0226 blogDSCF0228 blogDSCF0229 blogDSCF0230 blogDSCF0236 blogDSCF0222

Well, I must admit that fall colors are quite pretty. ;)

blogDSCF0252 blogDSCF0254 blogDSCF0241 blogDSCF0272

Mango blouse, Monoprix pants and Bobbies boots

On top of that I’ve discovered a new passion: strolls in the forest to pick chestnuts (of course I’m not talking of the inedible ones on the picture above). Only God knows how much I love chestnuts like chestnut cakes, chestnut cream and my all-time favorite yoghurts: Maronsui’s)! It was even more fun doing it with Dingo who was supposed to help us finding them but instead, preferred picking up tree branches 10 times bigger than him (or the dog who believed he was an ant). :)

blogDSCF0284 blogDSCF0285 blogDSCF0286 blogDSCF0290

Let me take this opportunity to show you my new derbies that I feel madly in love with from the brand Eponyme. They are so confortable that I have the impression of wearing slippers and they are so pretty!  elles sont tellement confortables que j’ai l’impression de porter des chaussons et elles sont magnifiques ! This model is limited to 100 numbered copies (I have the n°75).

You may have recognized my beloved yellow sweater of & Other Stories that I’ve already shown you 2 years ago here.

blogDSCF0293 blogDSCF0295 blogDSCF0282 blogDSCF0330 blogDSCF0318 blogDSCF0321 blogDSCF0299 blogDSCF0304 blogDSCF0317 blogDSCF0296 blogDSCF0428

Nothing remains except cooking them so if you have good advices on how to properly do it or good chestnut recipes please tell me.

blogDSCF0262 blogDSCF0260

Ok, ok, fall has its merits. :) Have a good fall weekend my friends!


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