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Last weekend I met a beautiful person! I am always so full of admiration for passionate people who abandon their well-ordered life to make a living of their passion. Among these people there are Morgane Sézalory (Sézane) that I talked to you about here and also Solie, the designer of De Beaux Restes that I talked to you about here. Now I can add Usha Bora to this list of inspiring people.
Usha is the founder of Jamini Design, the brand that makes you travel to India, the land of the lotus.
She is the best person to tell you about the wonderful story of Jamini so I’m letting her tell you more about it.

Can you present yourself in a few words?

I’m from India but I’m French in my heart, I dream in French and in English. I like goat cheese as much as tandoori chicken! I wear APC as much as an Indian hand-embroidered Kurta. In a few words, I am a bicultural product that loves strongly these 2 countries and who tries to build a bridge full of grace and happiness between them.


What is your life path?

I was born in Assam in the north-east of India… Since I have done quite a lot… I got a diploma from a business school in India and then I completed my education with an MBA at ESSEC (French business school) in Paris… And most of all I fulfilled my dream to discover France. I have never left this beautiful country since this day. I worked for a few years at L’Oréal but my passion for India and fabrics became stronger so I created Jamini in 2009 after learning the ropes by doing sourcing for ideas and materials for major brands like Agnès B, Dior kids, Bonton, and BA&SH. Today, I feel so good in my boutique of the 10th arrondissement of Paris.

How was Jamini born?

After a few years in France, I missed India, its scents, its colors, and of course its fabrics. I loved working for other brands but something was missing. One day, I decided that I wanted to go back to source and be closer to home by working with East India weaving techniques. I founded Jamini to share through my creations the know-how of Assam weavers which fascinated me since I was a child. Jamini’s adventure began in 2009 and my first scarf collection was created with these weavers.


Where does the name Jamini come from and what are its values?

In India lotus flowers can be found by the thousand. Their bases are a unique radiant purple color called “jamini” in Hindi.

Jamini is based on strong values like sharing, family and know-how. My leitmotif for the creation of my collections is to promote India in Paris and around the world. I work a lot with my family, my brother is in charge of the production quality and we launched a partnership with my father’s company which manufactures paper 100% environmentally friendly for our notebooks. Finally, I work with locals who managed to preserve ancestral weaving know-how.

Where do the fabrics come from and where are the products manufactured?

I promise you to make you travel in all of my collections… The fabrics printed by wooden stamps come from Rajasthan while the woven products are from India, near the border with Burma.


What is the product you are the most proud of and why?

My hand woven cushion collection makes me dream. When I see it I also see all the work accomplished by these weaver women from my home region. I am so glad to be able to make a contribution towards the preservation of a wonderful craft and to help women modernize their work and learn about French fashion.

blogDSCF4491 blogDSCF4492 blogDSCF4495

Do you have an anecdote to tell us?

Three years ago my father came to Paris and we strolled in Le Bon Marché that he found beautiful. He went to the stationery section (it goes with the job) and was absolutely blown away. My father manufactures paper made out of rhinoceros and elephant feces. We developed a range of notebooks made of this special paper. A few weeks ago, I announced to my father that soon, our notebooks will be sold at Le Bon Marché. He was so thrilled!

blogDSCF4522 blogDSCF4523 blogDSCF4524

New projects soon?

My head is filled with projects and I am lucky enough to be extremely well supported. I am going to launch a new range of jewelry with the beautiful pearls that I found at the flea market in India but also bags to customize for Mother’s Day.

Soon, a selection of our products will be sold in several beautiful Parisian boutiques and why not open a new branded shop.

What can we wish for you for the future?

I would like to bring other aspects of India to Paris. I want Jamini to become the 1st Indian lifefestyle shop in Paris: everyday products, books, pictures, rugs, food… In short, I would like that this wonderful city continues to discover and to admire the beauties of India.


Thank you Usha! I have no doubt about your success!

Don’t hesitate to go discover her wonderful creations in her boutique 10 rue du Château d’Eau in Paris. You cand find jewelry, cushions, plaids, table linen, scarfs, bags, notebooks, rugs, pouches… You can also find the whole collection on their eshop here or in the several points of sale here.

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I loved talking with Usha, you can immediatly feel how passionate she is and how attached she is to Jamini that she considers her baby.

I fell in love with this brand which conveys such important values and which invites us to travel to a fascinating country like India. The fabrics are beautiful and the products are handmade.

For example I had a crush on this wonderful scarf and its delicate patterns printed thanks to the block print technique. It is a traditional technique to print with a wooden stamp. To make this scarf, you need to spend 2 to 3 hours and make 200 to 300 stamp printings.

blogDSCF4526 blogDSCF4529 blogDSCF4542 blogDSCF4543 blogDSCF4610

I also had a crush on this pair of shoes which was a collaboration between Jamini and Faguo. Here again the fabric is handmade and printed with the block print technique. Unfortunately for you, I’m afraid I bought one of the last pairs…

blogDSCF4531 blogDSCF4535 blogDSCF4538 blogDSCF4586

What about this tote bag, isn’t it amazing?

blogDSCF4585 blogDSCF4546

At any rate, I will come back often to this pretty boutique to talk more with Usha but also to buy presents for others and for me. :)

Did you know about Jamini and what product do you like the most?

I realize that I like more and more to meet designers like Usha and to talk with them. These people are ambitious but also dreamers, creative, generous, authentic which makes me want to try one day maybe to do the same. I hope anyway that you like to discover them as much as I do.


Jamini – 10 rue du Château d’Eau – 75010 PARIS

Have a nice weekend and see you next Friday!


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