Bucolic Paris #4 : la Cité Fleurie, my secret garden

blogDSCF2397We’ve been strolling a lot recently both left and right so it’s time to go back to our first love : Parisian strolls. So today I’m letting you in my secret garden in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, on boulevard Arago.

Don’t worry I’m not senile (at least not yet), I never talked you about la Cité Fleurie because it has nothing to do with la Cité des Fleurs or with la Cité Florale.blogDSCF2314

From the outside you cannot imagine what awaits for you inside !blogDSCF2356

No you’re not dreaming! Here you can find more or less 30 workshops built in 1878 and made of the Universal Exhibition remains. Famous artists like Rodin, Paul Gauguin and Amedeo Modigliani lived there.

There is a plaque commemorating this place because between 1934 and 1939 the « Deutsche Freiheitsbibliothek » (the freedom German library) founded by anti-Hitlerian German writers with the help of French writers which featured forbidden books by Nazi Germany was housed here. More than 11 000 volumes were gathered thanks to the contribution of refugees from all round the world.

blogDSCF2432 blogDSCF2366 blogDSCF2362 blogDSCF2361 blogDSCF2379

In the 70’s, this place was threatened by property development but thanks to the mobilization of its inhabitants and to public opinion, la Cité Fleurie was saved after 5 years of fight. It’s today a protected location with private residences mostly for artists.blogDSCF2334 blogDSCF2353 blogDSCF2347 blogDSCF2338 blogDSCF2421

The place is closed by a gate but it’s not too difficult to go inside, you just have to wait for someone to go in or out to sneak in.blogDSCF2412

What amazes me the most about this place is that in the middle of all these plants, trees, bamboos and wild grass there is seemingly abandoned old furniture, bicycles scattered here and there, friendly cats and dogs, old carved stones… A peaceful heaven where nature has taken back its rights!

Let yourself be submerged by this unbelievable pastoral atmosphere !blogDSCF2315 blogDSCF2316 blogDSCF2319 blogDSCF2320 blogDSCF2324 blogDSCF2335blogDSCF2343 blogDSCF2344 blogDSCF2354 blogDSCF2355 blogDSCF2370 blogDSCF2378blogDSCF2383 blogDSCF2390 blogDSCF2396 blogDSCF2418 blogDSCF2419 blogDSCF2318This place rich of history and art is so unique, I really love it.

Did you know la Cité Fleurie ?blogDSCF2348La Cité Fleurie – 61-67 boulevard Arago – 75013 PARIS


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