Pertusato lighthouse or “the Lighthouse of the edge of the world” (Corsica)


Yes here summer is not over yet even if it’s the end because this will be the last summery post so we’ll better make the most of it!

After Provence, we joined the Boyfriend family in Corsica for a few days like every summer since the last 5 years. Usually I don’t like to always visit the same places because I like to travel and go to unknown places but once you went to Corsica, it’s difficult to not go back, and it’s even more difficult when the family-in-law has a little boat to allow you to move and go to beaches unreachable by foot, what a dream!

Here is the proof in video. :)

I’m not gonna talk to you about Bonifacio again since I’ve already showed you a lot last year (you can read again the post here). This time I will focus on the boardwalk of the Pertusato lightroom that we couldn’t do last year because it was too windy but that we finally take the time to do this year and it definitely was worth it! If unlike us you are not too lazy, I advise you to go quite early to not walk under a blazing sun, especially since there is no shadow…

I knew we were going to see amazing landscapes so I equipped myself before leaving with :  a Joby tripod for making time-lapses, my selfie-stick from Korea, the Boyfriend’s Canon Powershot G7X camera to film, my Fujifilm X20 for taking pictures and Pixter fisheye. Then I put on my favorite Bensimon that I worn all summer and ready, let’s go!


Bensimon X Paulette


We left from the semaphore and we walked on coastal paths through fragrant maquis. No need to be the athletic type to do this stroll, it’s only a 2,5km walk to go back and forth from the semaphore to the lighthouse but you can also leave directly from Bonifacio (it will take you about 2h).

blogDSCF9681 blogIMG_1027 blogDSCF9680 blogDSCF9675 blogDSCF9678

Here we are at the lighthouse that you can’t unfortunately visit which is a shame, I’m sure the view is amazing from there and I don’t know about you but I’m fascinated by lighthouses, I don’t know why. However, even from downstairs, the view on cliffs of Bonifacio on one side and Lavezzi islands and Sardinia on the other side is already spectacular! This lunar landscape makes you feel like you’re at the edge of the world isn’t it? And below there is a beautiful beach accessible by a steep path so you’d better be wearing appropriate shoes. We didn’t have time to do it but maybe next year… And I think that during the evening at sunset it must be even more phenomenal : a must-see!

blogDSCF9693 blogDSCF9688 blogDSCF9687 blogDSCF9704 blog20150827_114222 blogDSCF9690blogDSCF9699 blogIMG_1023

Here are some pictures of the rest of the holidays (the beautiful girl you can see on some of my pictures is my sister-in-law (the French’s translation for sister-in-law is literally “my beautiful-sister” which fits her perfectly).  The program was reading again, swimming, gulping kilos of figs (once you tasted Corsican figs, all the others will have a flat taste compared to them), tanning on the boat, practicing stand-up paddle, falling in love with all the surfer’s VW vans, wearing  sailor stripes T-shirts everyday, playing with a drone, daydreaming looking at the clear blue sea water, going to the restaurant, strolling in Bonifacio and Porto-Vecchio… but most of all : doing nothing!


Rich Gone Broke watch 

blogIMG_20150819_170513 blogIMG_20150823_130441

The Tops T-shirt

blog20150826_144620 blogIMG_0916 blogIMG_0835 blogIMG_0797 blogIMG_0967

Shaman’s T-shirt

blogIMG_20150826_141454 blogDSCF9665 blogDSCF9673

Fantastic restaurant :L’Archivolto – 2 rue Archivolte – 20169 BONIFACIO

blogDSCF9661 blogDSCF9618 blogDSCF9613 blogDSCF9595 blogDSCF9644 blogDSCF9646blogDSCF9636 blogDSCF9658

Goodbye summer, I already miss you. :( See you next year!

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