Bucolic Paris #10: rue du Faubourg St Antoine


Two weeks ago I had brunch in a cool place and on this occasion I rediscovered the 11th arrondissement where so many treasures are hidden.

I finally met Marie-Loup (also known as Marygribouille), you know the talented illustrator who draw this cute drawing of me from this picture ? We’ve been following each other on IG for a while now but we never had the opportunity to meet. Now that she’s living in Paris, we had to see each other. We met at Bloom for brunch.

Bloom :

We were looking for a place not too expensive (in Paris it’s not that easy) where we could have brunch and I remembered that Bloom was on my to-go-list. Let’s try it!

First of all I loved the vintage and bucolic style of this cute little canteen with its colorful furnitures from Emmaüs.

blogDSCF0336 blogDSCF0355 blogDSCF0339 blogDSCF0346

Concerning the food, everything is local and homemade, all the ingredients are from small producers. The menu changes with the seasons.

Here is the current brunch menu :

– a waffle with homemade caramel (sweet menu) or a plate of cheeses (salted menu)

– a hot drink

– a fresh fruit juice (carrot/orange)

– a bread basket with a set of homemade jams and spreads

– an “œuf cocotte” with seasonal vegetables and a salad

– a dessert (apple crumble)

19,50€ for the sweet menu and 23,50€ for the salty menu. The prices are quite reasonable for the quality, it was copious and the atmosphere was friendly. I’ll come back for sure!

blogDSCF0362 blogDSCF0365 blogDSCF0360 blogDSCF0345

Bloom – 25 rue de la Forge Royale – 75011 PARIS

Les Fleurs :

After we did a little bit of shopping at Les Fleurs shops that were near by and I finally went to the 2nd shop which is even nicer than the first one!

The first shop is an Aladdin’s cave where you can find the perfect gift among cute jewels and accessories.


Les Fleurs – 6 Passage Josset – 75011 PARIS

The second one is like a flea-market of small furniture items. It’s impossible to go in without buying anything, trust me!

blogDSCF0387 blogDSCF0398 blogDSCF0391 blogDSCF0399 blogDSCF0390

Les Fleurs – 5 rue Trousseau – 75011 PARIS

I remembered that along rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine there were a few charming private courtyards so I went to look for them and then I came back the next week with my beloved guide to see the ones I had missed (this guide is my Bible, I would love to make a book like this about my strolls, maybe one day…). Be prepared to be surprised, Paris still has a lot of secrets to disclose… Anyway, you’d better wear confortable shoes because you are gonna need to walk more than 20km on cobblestones.


La Cité de la Roquette :

Push the door to the left end of the deadlock of Cité de la Roquette and you’ll discover a haven of peace. This courtyard is full of old wooden and red-bricks workshops from the end of the XIXth century that are still in activity. You will also see a wonderful neo-gothic style mansion classified as an historic monument.

blogDSCF0436 blogDSCF0434 blogDSCF0443

La Cité de la Roquette – 60 rue de la Roquette – 75011 PARIS

Passage du Cheval-Blanc :

You can go in from the n°2 of rue de la Roquette and go out at the n°21 of rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine. This passage is divided in several courtyards named after the 6 first months of the year from January to June. It used to be a space for craftwork and today there are still some cabinetmakers and other artisans but most of the buildings are now offices and warehouses.

blogDSCF0502 blogDSCF0498 blogDSCF0491

Passage du Cheval-Blanc – 2 rue de la Roquette – 75011 PARIS

Cour Damoye :

On Place de la Bastille, there is a discreet door framed by Le Paradis du Fruit restaurant and the Falstaff Café that leads to another world where the time seems to have stopped. This 120m paved street links Place de la Bastille to rue Daval. It’s an old city of craftsmen that has been saved from promoters and restored in 1999. These workshops are now used by companies and some lucky people even live there but at the end of the street on rue Daval side, the Brûlerie Daval remains, one of the oldest coffee roasters in Paris which still roast its own coffee on the spot!

blogDSCF0454 blogDSCF0458 blogDSCF0469 blogDSCF0462

Cour Damoye – 12 Place de la Bastille – 75011 PARIS

Cour du Bel-Air :

Here this is another courtyard but it used to be the former fief of the famous musketeers! Today it is exclusively residential (I can’t imagine how great it must be to live there). The vines on the facades makes it even more charming.

blogDSCF0420 blogDSCF0419 blogDSCF0418

Cour du Bel-Air – 56 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine – 75012 PARIS

Passage du Chantier :

This passage used to be where there were lumber depots. This path still hosts today several craftsman stalls specilized in wood and several antiquity shops.

blogDSCF0424 blogDSCF0422

Passage du Chantier – 66 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine – 75012 PARIS

Cour des Shadoks :

La cour des Shadoks gets its name from the famous TV show Les Shadoks because its creator, Jacques Rouxel, was living there. It has been redevelopped in his honour in 1998. A nice gesture!

blogDSCF0410 blogDSCF0413 blogDSCF0414

Cour des Shadoks – 71 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine – 75011 PARIS

Cour de l’Etoile-d’Or :

I had a big crush for the Cour de l’Etoile-d’Or that I would have never seen without my guide. Indeed, it’s a private courtyard closed by a big door with a digicode. Of course I tried to open it just by pushing the big button but without any success. Did you know that sometimes, you can open the door just by pushing this button ?! Since I figured this out, I try to do it everytime I see a door that might hide something interesting. The Boyfriend doesn’t appreciate it very much, especially when we are in a hurry…

I couldn’t get in so I waited a few minutes and miracle, someone opened the door! I immediately sneaked in like a little mouse and it was worth it as you can see on the pictures above (and the 1st picture of this post has been taken there too). It’s an enchanting place with beautiful pink houses, green shutters and ivy everywhere : wonderful!

blogDSCF0475 blogDSCF0481 blogDSCF0482 blogDSCF0476 blogDSCF0478

Cour de l’Etoile-d’Or – 75 rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine – 75011 PARIS

Cour de l’Ours :

Let’s end this stroll with la Cour de l’Ours bordered again with furniture stores and cabinet-making workshops.

Don’t miss right next to it Passage Lhomme that I’ve talked to you about here.

Hope you liked this tenth Parisian bucolic stroll. You can find all these strolls here. Happy Halloween weekend!


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